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Graphic Photos Of Angelina Jolie: Heroin Binge And Dog Leash

This can’t be good for a mother of 6 children or U.N. Goodwill Ambassador, Angelina Jolie. A former druggie “friend” of Angelina Jolie sold some very compromising pictures of Angelina Jolie. Star Magazine is of course releasing the photos to the public. In the photos, Jolie has black tape over her nipples, wears a dog leash and some photos show her during a 14-hour heroin smoking binge. I wonder what Brad Pitt thinks about this. SMH.

Angelina Jolie Graphic Photos Star Magazine Graphic Photos Of Angelina Jolie: Heroin Binge And Dog Leash

MGV Says: When people make it to the top there is always someone to knock them down. Why is this story coming out now?

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  1. I think Angie has always been the extreme type so most of her history is not a surprise, but when people also see you as a selfish bish your bones start to jump out of the closet not step out.

  2. Oh well I’ve had my own opinions about her but I won’t even comment so that should say it all!

  3. Beautiful on the outside and seems ugly as hell on the inside..

    Choco, always been to say hi when I see you but our post are usually far apart hope all is well with you.

    • @resurrected, Hey girl I see you in here and your right I’m not in any one place anymore how are things with you me and beau broke up but it’s for the best I’m happier

      • @Choco,

        I am well, sorry to hear about your beau, you use to talk so much about him. It hard to know what is best for you sometimes but you seem to be coming along just fine. Yeah we all move around to kind new info that for the soul.

      • @resurrected, thanks no need to be sorry it’s for the best and yes girl you know how these blogs can get so I don’t like to read to much of what negative ppl are saying I found Miko just the other day on SR : )

  4. Hasn’t she admitted to doing all these things in her past, didn’t know she was still doing the drugs.

  5. How recent are these pics? Hate to say i wish i am shocked, but she’s always been an oddball

  6. BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH! Who the f**k didn’t know she used to be “wild”? Some idiots just need to sell papers @ the expense of people’s lives.

    Whateva. Angie’s the SH*T. Anyday anytime.

  7. She has always been true to herself and to the media. She had a very very wild adolescence. Brad and her will be fine.

  8. Why is this news? angelina jolie said she was dark, edgy and wild in her youth and past, but she grew up and evolved. These trashy magazines need to stop because they really don’t give a damn about brad or the kids but $$$

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