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Are Halle Berry And Gabriel Aubry Back Together? Photos Of Halle, Gabriel And Daughter Nahla

Pictures were taken of Halle Berry, Gabriel Aubry and their daughter, Nahla, at LAX on Saturday.  The family was headed to South Africa for a month together. I wonder if Halle and Gabriel are getting back together? I doubt it, Halle Berry is off to South Africa to shoot a film. As part of the custody battle, Gabriel will serve as Nahla’s “nanny” during the filming.

Gabriel said, Halle Berry is not taking his daughter away from him, just to film a movie. So Gabriel will be paid to stay in South Africa to help out, all for the sake of the child.

Click “Continue Reading” and check out 5+ photos of Halle Berry, Gabriel Aubry and Nahla traveling together…

Gabriel Aubry And Halle Berry And Nahla Go To South Africa Are Halle Berry And Gabriel Aubry Back Together? Photos Of Halle, Gabriel And Daughter Nahla

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  1. Why does he have to paid to go there and care for his daughter. If the true reason is because he wants her to be taken care of and doesn’t want her gone that long without him, shouldn’t he do it for free?? I don’t get paid to care for my daughters and I am sure neither does Halle. :/

    • @guest, I agree 100%. That’s a sleezy move on his part. He’s trying to use the baby to get at Halle. She’s not going to “just film a movie” – that is her JOB!!! What a loser. It’s not like he couldn’t visit the baby while Halle is WORKING. NOOOO…. he wants to try to cause problems.. hence the “I’ll-fight-you-in-Court-for-Nahla-if-you-go-to-WORK” power play. Now he’s playing the I’m-digging-in-your-pockets cause-you’re-going-to-WORK-and-I’m-gonna-use-the-baby-to do-it-just-to-get-on-your-damn-nerves game. WHO THE HELL TAKES MONEY TO LOOK AFTER THEIR OWN CHILD(REN)? He should be ashamed – but he’s not. I’m sure this is just another strike against him in Halle’s eyes/mind.

  2. All thas very nice and all but um… I’m sure he works too…. he’s not wrong for needing money to go to south africa for a month. At least as far as I’m concerned….

    Maybe thas jus me.

    And I am a parent as well… and a good one if I may add.

  3. he is using the child to get back to Halle, the guy is as slick as a snake, he knows he is nothing without Halle, and isnt it amazing how he is using the child, he dont care about the child, he just cares about himself. Although Halle got some issues, you never know what she have to put up with this idiot, he’s like a rodent, never go away. He is jealous and self serving, I think Halle is paying for the mistake she made when she got a child for this man. Just goes to show all that glitters is not gold, halle thought this guy was it, now she see he’s just a bum in nice clothes.

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