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White Cop Punches Black Female During Traffic Stop, But Is It Racism

On twitter,  I was having an interesting debate with at Babygirlprod over a video showing a traffic cop punching a black female in the face. The incident all started over a jay-walking violation, and somehow it turned very violent. I’m not going to tell you which side I was on, or give you additional information. Just watch the video and tell me your honest opinion. No outside information, just watch the video and tell me what you see or what you feel.

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  1. Hey MsG.

    I’ve had the same debate with friends. They are so mad with me. Oh well, they’ll get over it.
    If there is a no jaywalking law in your city and you chose to ignore it, fine, then you pay a fine or risk being arrested, whatever. But remember ,when you do something wrong, you pay the price… even if it seems as stupid as jaywalking.

    The problem I had BEFORE the cop punched the teen was the girl and her friend basically assaulted the officer by pulling and pushing at him when they realized they were really in trouble.

    I am not saying he isn’t wrong for punching the girl, let’s get that straight. The end result isn’t popular, but it is what it is.

    I get that people are not too fond of police, but in this incident alone, the girl was wrong.

    • @Shae,

      That’s why I love my blog family. When I first saw the video out of context I was upset, but when I saw this particular video that shows the whole thing, my first thought was who are these teens’ parents?

      How dare they assault a police officer and think it’s okay over a jaywalking ticket, at that.

      I’m with you, and if that was my child, I would have beat his you know what. You respect your elders and you respect authority.

      No, the officer didn’t have to punch her in her face, but he was well within his rights as an officer. She could have had a gun pulled on her, because if cops feel in danger they can draw their weapon as well.

      • @MrsGrapevine 2,
        I totally agree. as i watched that video, i kept thinking how my mom and dad would have kicked my butt for acting like that, especially towards an adult. But, they would have been pissed at how the officer reacted, too. the Officer should have had more discipline and self control, but the girl was in the wrong. i would love to hear waht her parents have to say about her behaviour…

  2. Hmmmm… I am a little concerned that these girls thought that they could fight the police. You have to respect authority, period. I am not a fan of anyone hitting anyone, and that includes the young lady bucking up to the officer. I don’t think it had anything to do with race. I think it had to do with the officer being put in a threatning and very disrespectful postion.

    • @guest,

      I agree!

  3. The clips on the internet tend to just show the officer hitting the girl. But when you watch the whole video you get that feeling of dread like, “Oh boy, this isn’t going to end well.” With the trigger happy officers out there today these girls are lucky not to have been shot or tased (tasered? hmmm). In addition, the officer was outnumbered not only by the teens, but by the bystanders. I think this was a no-win situation, I’m not for the teen, but I’m not against the cop. :(

    • @Shae,

      Said very well: “I’m not for the teen, but I’m not against the cop.” *applauds*

  4. I just want to say to everyone i do not cear the police officer was wrong and the police department is also wrong for sticking up for him. So the female uses assault. he is a man and she is a female. For instence if a man holds a female down does not hit her just holds her down any mark left he goes to jail no matter what. If a female assaults any man and the man uses the same reaction he goes to jail. Lets say the man is traind to react like that just like the police officer said in the interview. So it is ok for him to do it but not for just a man who get their but wipped all the time or hammerd by a female? Thats my thing. and i am white but in the interview where is the black people to ask the questions they wanted to of course all the white people arnt going to say its raceism their all white. no diversaty or anything. No i am from indianapolis home of the BLACK EXPO and i see people get arrested all the time for j walking during this time and the city classic. When they act like the female did man or female the police officer do not react in that way. so really no matter how you look at it he is wrong.

    • @shawn,

      First off the woman attacked a police officer, who was doing his job. He is trained to protect you and to protect himself. People forget that they come across women daily who are very violent because they are on drugs, or have mental issues. Women are capable of killing and hurting, and in training police officer are taught to use whatever force is necessary to stay alive.

      Secondly, he was outnumbered and outweighed. The young woman had no reason to touch the officer PERIOD!

      Thirdly, he’s not dating this woman, nor is he in relationship with her. He’s trying to maintain order and authority in a particular situation. He doesn’t just go around punching women.

      Lastly, the police officer could have done something different, but he shouldn’t have been put in a situation where he had to choose PERIOD. If a woman assaults a man, all a man has to do is call the cops, and she will go to jail, too. Comparing this to man who assaults his wife or lover, is comparing apples to oranges. However, if a man is attacked by a strange woman, and he punches her, that’s called self-defense.

    • @shawn, This is why I said “in this instance only.” I knew prior instances of police brutality would come into play, but in this scenario only the girl who pushed the officer wasn’t even the girl getting arrested. The 19 year old was getting arrested, but he 17 year old went ballistic and pushed the cop off of her. That constitutes assault, sorry but it is what it is. Once again it is an all around bad situation. Do I think he should have punched her in the face? No. Do I think the situation could have escalated beyond the pushing and pulling? Definitely. Would you have preferred the cop shot the girl or use a taser gun on her? I would guess not.

  5. I believe they were both wrong. The young women should have just gotten their citations and moved on. The officer was out of line also. I just feel that if my mom had punched me (in the same circumstances) she wuld have been charged with child abuse, if my boyfriend had hit me that way he is goin down for a domestic charge. What makes this officer so different? You mean to tell me that he culd find no other way to take this woman down? Whatever happened to slammin her a$$ down on the pavement?

    • @LivingMyLife,

      I’m not saying the officer should have punched the girl, but what people don’t realize is that it’s well within his rights when is assaulted.

      I use to work for company that provided training for police officers and people mental wards, and slamming someone to the concrete can be worst. Because if she continues to struggle and he puts pressure on her while on the ground, she can die from asphyxiation.

      Most people who die in police custody is because the officer slammed them to the ground, and applied pressure on their back or chest to get them to stop struggling. Well, it’s hard to stop struggling if you can’t breathe, so this method has lead to deaths.

      Lastly, that girl was too big to be slamming to the ground. We hear the word teen and act like she a tiny 13 year old, she was a full figured almost 18 young woman, who INTERVENED.

      • @MrsGrapevine 2, I’m not saying literally he shuld have slammed her to the ground but I am certainly sure there was something in between those “soft pushes” he was givin her and that “punch to the face” that culd have been done. at what point does his response become excessive? remember no matter age or size she is still a woman. what WOMAN (cuz that’s what she looks like) deserves to be punched in the face like a grown man (whether he was within his rights or not)?

  6. It’s just so unfortunate that anytime there’s a tussle between a black and a white, the whole racism stuff rears it’s ugly head.

  7. I absolutely totally think the officer was not only within his right, but use the necessary force to deal with this ignorant person. You absolutely DO NOT assault an officer. Period. Like Mrs. Grapevine said, how was the officer to know if the girl had a weapon. Not only could she have turned on him, but was a threat to the public–especially if she had the audacity to assault an officer!

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