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Tiger Woods and His Soon to Be Ex-Wife attend Daughter’s B-day

The monogamously challenged Tiger Woods and his very soon to be ex- wife Elin Woods, both put on brave faces as they attended the birthday party of their 3-year old daughter Sam.   Of course, Tiger and Elin arrived and remained pretty much separate for the whole affair, they also have a 17-month old son Charlie.  I know that his private life is none of my business but I am really disappointed in the man, the whole affair was just grimey.  So what do you guys think, have you cut Tiger some slack yet?

Tiger with present arrives for daughters bday Tiger Woods and His Soon to Be Ex Wife attend Daughters B day

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  1. So what do you guys think, have you cut Tiger some slack yet?
    NOPE! He deserves every bit of what he’s getting..Karma’s a real “B.”

    • @STEFANY,

      Why does it look like he has a gold teeth.

      • @MrsGrapevine 2,

        Yeah, and his hair looks nappy too! LOL!

      • @STEFANY, Tiger looks very bad and it does look like a gold tooth in his mouth….LAWD HAVE MERCY!lol

  2. Where are his black relatives???

  3. I think that Tiger really played himself but does not want to admist it.. He did his whole family dirty and he thinks that golf can heal it all think soon enough he will see the bridges that he has burned.

  4. She gained a lot of weight and cut her hair. Tiger Woods is so messed up, he has no sense of identy.

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