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The New N-Word; Is Nappy A Negative Word? BGLH V. Sandra Rose

Afrobella just tweeted a link from Black Girl With Long Hair (BGLH), about the use of “nappy” to describe hair. BGLH goes in on Sandra Rose for referring to Solange Knowles’ wig as nappy, and referring to Solange Knowles’ natural hair as unkempt.

Sandra Rose Writes: Soon Solo was forced to defend her unkempt natural ‘do by claiming she was making a statement (yeah, right).

Well, Solange finally grew tired of the jabs and barbs. Solo threw an afro wig over her naps when she DJ’d a set at TAO Beach in las Vegas over the weekend.

Now, why is this controversial, because Sandra Rose went in on Chris Brown for preferring light skin women and degrading women with darker skin. Now Sandra Rose is calling Solange Knowles nappy and unkempt for being natural, and so BGLH feels like Sandra Rose is also degrading black women.

BGLH Writes:

dark skin and “naps” (as you call them) are features common to a MAJORITY of black people worldwide. How can you on the one hand defend “beautiful black skin” and turn around and disparage “naps”?

How is Chris Brown’s “self-hatred” any different from yours?

What I need to know from all of you…Is the word nappy a bad word? What do you call hair that is so tight that you can’t get a comb through it? What word should we use to describe hair that people have chosen not to comb for a more earthy look? When hair dreads with water, what word is appropriate? Was Sandra Rose wrong for calling Solange Knowles wig nappy? Was Solange Knowles wig in fact nappy? Should women be offended when their hair is called nappy, for lack of a better word?

My point is why are women offended when their hair is called nappy? Is nappy an insult?

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