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The New N-Word; Is Nappy A Negative Word? BGLH V. Sandra Rose

Afrobella just tweeted a link from Black Girl With Long Hair (BGLH), about the use of “nappy” to describe hair. BGLH goes in on Sandra Rose for referring to Solange Knowles’ wig as nappy, and referring to Solange Knowles’ natural hair as unkempt.

DJ Solange Knowles Tam Tam Dress Tao Las Vegas3 The New N Word; Is Nappy A Negative Word? BGLH V. Sandra Rose

Sandra Rose Writes: Soon Solo was forced to defend her unkempt natural ‘do by claiming she was making a statement (yeah, right).

Well, Solange finally grew tired of the jabs and barbs. Solo threw an afro wig over her naps when she DJ’d a set at TAO Beach in las Vegas over the weekend.

Now, why is this controversial, because Sandra Rose went in on Chris Brown for preferring light skin women and degrading women with darker skin. Now Sandra Rose is calling Solange Knowles nappy and unkempt for being natural, and so BGLH feels like Sandra Rose is also degrading black women.

BGLH Writes:

dark skin and “naps” (as you call them) are features common to a MAJORITY of black people worldwide. How can you on the one hand defend “beautiful black skin” and turn around and disparage “naps”?

How is Chris Brown’s “self-hatred” any different from yours?

What I need to know from all of you…Is the word nappy a bad word? What do you call hair that is so tight that you can’t get a comb through it? What word should we use to describe hair that people have chosen not to comb for a more earthy look? When hair dreads with water, what word is appropriate? Was Sandra Rose wrong for calling Solange Knowles wig nappy? Was Solange Knowles wig in fact nappy? Should women be offended when their hair is called nappy, for lack of a better word?

My point is why are women offended when their hair is called nappy? Is nappy an insult?

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  1. I find good hair and bad hair offensive, but if your hair is nappy, then it’s nappy. If it’s straight, then it’s straight.

    Some people prefer kinky, but I don’t see how that is less offensive.

    • @Jilly,

      I do have a problem with good hair, as if God made bad hair. I don’t know if nappy is what it is. That I haven’t decided, yet.

  2. I think it is just like the N-word & depends how it’s used & who uses it.

    • @Long Hair Don’t Care,

      It can be used to offend.

  3. It doesn’t bother me one bit. I have high self-esteem. The word nappy wont bring me down.

    • @Synthia,

      lol, @ won’t bring me down. It doesn’t bother me, either, but I think that’s because I haven’t had anyone call my hair nappy.

  4. Nappy isn’t an insult it’s an old skool term for unkept hair when I need a perm my hair can get nappy so friggin what ppl stay trying to be controverial!

    • @Choco,

      You mean when you beady-bees in your kitchen *in my martin voice*

      • @MrsGrapevine, rofl you know it but girl I have graduated since being younger my beady bees disappeared no kitchen no more but I used to keep a kitchen LMAO

  5. I wish people would get their facts straight, nappy is an offensive word. First of all we do not have nappy hair that is a word that came from slavery days. Second of all our hair has different kinds of curls some relax curls, some people have tight curls and some people have medium curls. The whole thing with our hair is to keep it moist our hair is like a plant you if you do not water it, it will get dry and break. And if you do it will be soft with beautiful curls no matter what size. So please stop disrespecting yourselves and others and learn about your hair.

    • @License B,

      Nappy started as offensive word used by whites, but the way in which blacks choose to use it, isn’t always negative.

      We’re not talking about etymology of the word, but how blacks use in everyday language, and should it be though as offensive.

      So if I say your hair is nappy, is that a insult to you, or would you prefer coiled very tightly.

      • @MrsGrapevine,

        Nappy is an offensive word to me because I do not like the stereo type that comes with the word. I have never heard the word being used in a positive light. I never hear people say “Girl your nappy hair sure looks good”. Let’s be honest when black people have something negative to say about your hair they say it’s nappy. This is a not a word I would try to call a positive thing among black girls or women. I still feel we should not use the word because of the offensive meaning behind the word. So in the end I would not like someone to call my hair nappy, I rather you tell me gets your wig done or when’s the last time you did your hair. Why we have to use a negative word to describe ourselves. Please do not try to use that phrase the people say for instance we change the ni$$er word to something positive. Nappy is a negative word when you are referring to a black women’s hair and that is it.

      • @License B,

        We don’t use negative words to describe ourselves, we use them to dis-empower those who are trying to label us through hate.

        Nappy has been used as a positive term, as in Nappturality a blog dedicated to natural hair.

        Like I said, it’s just like the N-word, either you think using it takes it’s power away, or you feel it’s an absolute negative.

        I don’t think everyone who uses it, uses it as a negative.

  6. I don’t find it offensive because I have called my own hair and my daughter’s hair nappy. I am also not offended by the good/bad hair description.

    btw, I define nappy as tangled and good hair as healthy and/or manageable.

    • @mstko, Are you saying nappy hair isn’t healthy? The “nap” is really just the naturally tight curl formation of a strand of hair. Are you saying that because of the curl pattern of the hair it is NOT healthy? Straight hair may be more manageble, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is healthy.

      • @hair_deeva, oh nooooo. I used the “and/or” meaning sometimes both or one or the other. I have a relaxer. At one point, my hair was VERY unhealthy (so much so my stylist cut inches every visit). I look at healthy hair as having hair strand strength and a NATURAL shine (no gloss needed).
        My daughter’s unrelaxed hair is healthy.

    • @mstko, Personally, i think that the word “nappy” is in fact offensive, because nappy refers to hair that basically has not been groomed (combed, brushed etc. So when people say “nappy hair” are they really saying “she needs to go a comb her hair?’

      • @, Nice definition. As I stated, I use the term to describe my hair. However, as many of the posters stated, it depends on who is saying something is nappy. I would never use the term to describe someone else’s hair….because I am not their stylist, them or someone who has to touch their hair. But let’s look at it this way: is telling someone to either comb their hair, or zip their pants or tie their shoe always considered offensive? Can we not look at it as being someone concerned about presentation? But once again, I am “generally” not concerned with anyone else’s presentation but mine and my child’s. :D

  7. It all comes down to education and information. For years the term “nappy” was referenced as a negative “bad hair” description for African Americans. Just like the “n” word, it is about how you use it and the meaning you are referring to in context.

    The way I see it, Sandra Rose was being very negative in her context and that is why these natural haired women are offended.

    By saying Solange hair is “nappy” and unkempt, she is saying that about all black people with that textured hair.

    Let’s just all get informed and learn that healthy black natural hair can be just as beautiful as relaxed hair.

    Get informed ThirstyRoots.com

    • @Natural Girl,

      Do you think being informed will change people’s perceptions of beauty.

      It sounds to me like there is a perception or as men say it a “preference” problem.

      • @MrsGrapevine,
        I agree, but that is the point I am trying to make. Beauty has been embedded in people’s minds over hundreds of years in America, referring to hair, that straight long hair is the pinnacle. And especially for black people, due to slavery, our hair was stamped as bad hair.

        That’s why it has became the “preference”

        I know it’s not an overnight thing, but you have to start somewhere and education is key. We have to renew our minds some way to see our beauty as black people.

      • @Natural Girl,

        I think the only way it will become the preference, is not just through education, but also exposure.

        When more women of influence can break the chain, I think others will follow.

        Unfortunately, the images we are fed affects the choices we make, even when we know there are not representative of reality.

  8. have you ever seen sandra rose? if not look her up. and she has the nerve to comment on someone’s looks. sandra STFU and go get a renovation. oh i have dreads and love them

  9. Yes, I agree MrsGrapevine. It does come down to exposure also. And more women of influence are trying to break the chain, ie Janelle Monae, Chrisette Michelle, Leela James, and others.

  10. it seems to me that now a days African American women dont like to use the term nappy because it helps build the bridge between good hair and nappy hair. personally i dont use the term “nappy” anymore in all reality its just tangled. its a different texture of hair then hair that has plenty of waves and lose curls. but the term “nappy” has been used to degrade to many women that im not surprised that women get offend when its used towards an African American women going natural. Example a lot of people will use the term “nappy headed hoe” or “nappy headed bi**h” you dont hear anyone talking about tangled headed females… im just sayin

    • @naybesa,

      You do have a point, but I have heard women say “light-skinned &*(!@”. Does that mean light skin is negative? It goes back to who using it, and why?

      If I say, “I woke up this morning and my hair was nappy?” I am saying it was so tangled because I fell asleep with it wet and didn’t put any conditioner in it. So, yes that can be negative, but it’s also the state of my hair.

      I don’t see how kinky is any better, yet many people prefer that word.

  11. GollumRose uses these words to be offensive. How the intended target takes the words is the issue.

    I for one do not find it offensive.

    But the Darkside uses them to bring sensationalism to a blog that is much of nothing but praising the ghetto, and putting down people that are trying to get somewhere…

    SHE is the ultimate Field negro that picks cotton(fights) while looking at the Big House, hoping massah will let her come tend the chickens in the backyard, just so she can be close to the house where the light skins are at.

    (sarcasm, full stop)

    • @bettyboopbbw69,

      Wow, SR can be really be sweet…

      In this particular article, I think she was making fun of Solange reason’s for going natural more so that she was attacking black women.

      Solange says she cut herself because she wanted to free herself, and didn’t seem to understand why people were shocked or thought it was a publicity stunt, and now she’s back to wearing wigs.

      So, I think SR has a bone with Solange’s realness, and not nappy hair, but I could be wrong. I haven’t read any of her other post on “nappy” hair.

      • @MrsGrapevine 2,
        first of all I would like to say (WAVIN” like a baby) HEY MRS. GRAPEVINE! lol

        Now on to business.

        I am sure Sandra is the most kindest most beautiful, we are the world type person in real life. But as a blogger, her attempts at getting hits or attention on a large scale are often directed at light skin folk (Obama, Chris Brown)as if she has a deep hatred for them. But only when it is convenient for her to like the “lslh’s” (her term not mines)ex:T.I and Tiny, etc., does it become a non issue.

        Again, as a person I cannot comment on Sandra,because I do not know her personally,only what she writes on her site. Whereas she is probably the most coolest person to know, her persona on her site is not the same.

        Throwing rocks and waiting on the fallout is something I think Sandra wants on her site to engage the readers and get her name on the twitter lists and on the big blogs (such as yours) but I am not buying it as her taking jabs at Solange’s choice to cut her OWN HAIR.

        Sandra doesn’t know what made Solange want to cut her hair or what after her self reflection caused her to feel inside. Why not interview her and find out rather than bash her THEN wait on the blogs to put Sandra’s site on their hitlist for reader stats.

        Sandra’s blog persona screams field negro wanting the luxury that the house negros get.

        I come to this site because even if it is something you don’t agree with about a celeb, you are professional about it. You raise the question and let the readers converse about the topic. It is about putting a point out there. That is why I am comfortable here, and will continue to comment and interact on here.

        Thanks for that forum.

  12. It depends on the context, but nappy is a hair type along with kinky so that’s cool but if it’s described as a bunch of “naps” then that’s bogus.

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