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New Couple Alert? Cassie and Nicki Minaj Holding Hands

I guess the HOT 97 New York Summer Jam was hot for more than one reason. So, the new rumor is that Cassie and Nicki Minaj are an item.  And there is some evidence to back this rumor up.  First, Nicki Minaj rapped the following,

I’m signin them Tig-O-bitties
I’m plotting on how I can take Cassie away from Diddy

Well from the looks of the pictures below, that may have happened.While Minaj performed at the Summer Jam, Cassie was waiting for her after each performance. And then at one point, Nicki grabbed Cassie’s hand and the two walked off together. Check out the pictures and you be the judge.

nickicassie1 New Couple Alert? Cassie and Nicki Minaj Holding Hands

[Photo Credit: BlogXilla.com]

Check out more pictures of Nicki’s performance at the Summer Jam…

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  1. No couple alert. this looks to me like a staged event by P. Diddy in order to get some free publicity for the people he “manages”. not newsworthy…

    • @LovelyDay,

      It’s a slow news day, have to entertain some how.

  2. Well it’s funny becuz I commented on another site that I think Cassie is starting to play on the other team

    • @Choco,

      I think Cassie has always played two teams! :)

  3. All I wanna know is…can I watch?!

    • @anonymousnupe,


  4. I know I’m reaching really far with this but… MAYBE (lol) they’re holding hands to keep from falling off their shoes. They’re really holding hands for stability. I know I couldn’t walk in those shoes without holding onto something. Yeah .. that’s it. LOL

    • @hair_deeva, so true, i was thinking the same thing.

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