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Kelly Rowland Says Faith In God Keeps Her Going; Beyonce Is Like Her Sister

Kelly Rowland Mansion Miami Commander3 300x225 Kelly Rowland Says Faith In God Keeps Her Going; Beyonce Is Like Her SisterIt’s taboo in Hollywood to talk about your faith, so when people like Kelly Rowland profess they’re faith in Christ, I get goose bumps. Even as a blogger, you have to walk a fine line and it’s easy to go over that line for whatever reasons. So, I admire people like Kelly Rowland who try to keep God in theirĀ  life in an industry that’s so open and liberal:

On Religion: I can’t live without it. As kids we were so on fire for God. And then you grow up, travel and experience things and stop reading the Bible every day. You don’t realize that you’re taking important things away from yourself. If all this were taken away from me right now I would still have my faith. If you don’t have faith the world will eat you alive.

Kelly Rowland also talks about her relationship with Beyonce, as well as her rivalry. Serena Williams gives her advice on balancing sisterhood and competition…

On Beyonce: That’s my sister. One of my best friends, the tennis player Serena Williams, told me she and Venus love each other. She said ‘we’re going to be sisters, period. When we have to play each other we are competing and we both want to win. But we still love each other at the end of the day.’ That’s simply the way it is. I think everyone wants us to hate each other. It’s not going to happen.

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  1. I love me some Kelly; i’m so excited for her that “Commander” is performing well…and it’s nice to see her give honor where honor is due ^…it’s like in Hollywood you can talk about being atheist or a Scientologist…bust if you utter the word Christian its almost offensive or something-

  2. good for you Kelly, now can we stop all the hating on these two

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