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Guess Who This Is??

At first glance, it may be hard to recognize which pop superstar is pictured below.  Here’s a hint: this person has been keeping their name in the press more than usual lately by doing extra.  When I first saw the picture I had absolutely no idea who it was!  No, it’s not  Nicholas Cage.  The pictures are for the September issue of Vogues Hommes Japan. Can you guess who it is?

Check out to see who it is….

Lady Gaga poses as a man Vogue Hommes Japan Guess Who This Is??

Lady Gaga. Gaga is showing out in front of company again.

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  1. LOL CRICKETS~ Lady Gaga is getting predictable in the sense that she keeps losing it.

    People are getting annoyed by her.

    • @Ms.Observant, I was just saying that today. Everyone is starting to shift tunes with Gaga. At first people were in awe of her…but they’re starting to realize she has absolutely NO limits. There’s sometimes a fine line between creativity..and well, crazy. People will be the judge. ;)

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