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Everyone Is Asking, Why Is Hoopz At All Of The T.I. Events

I will try to be delicate because I don’t know the facts between Hoopz and T.I. But, last night while on the Monique Show, quite a few people on twitter noticed Hoopz sitting front row in the audience while T.I. was on stage for an interview. Now, I am hearing that Hoopz has been at several of T.I.’s events. I don’t know why, and in this case I really think it’s none of our business, technically T.I. is not married, but this drama does go back to 2006. I don’t know how open or closed T.I. and Tiny’s relationship is, and so I can’t really speak on it until someone within the triangle does (listen to audio after the jump).

BTW, Is it me, or doesn’t it always seem like Hoopz is lurking in the background of a relationship  (*coughs* Dwayne Wade)? I’m losing faith in celebrity men. SMH!

Hoopz T I Tiny Everyone Is Asking, Why Is Hoopz At All Of The T.I. Events

Hoopz T I Mo Nique Show Everyone Is Asking, Why Is Hoopz At All Of The T.I. Events

It’s not over…the juicy details are just beginning. Back in 2006, Tiny caught T.I. cheating with Hoopz, and Tiny had a lot to say about the matter. I never heard Tiny this open about her relationship. Last time Hoopz avoided a beat down, but this time…IDK


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  1. Didnt this girl hoopz come into the picture az a hoe in the 1st place. All these tack head hoez is getting on my nerves.They everywhere all around you. No shame whats so ever. Now if Tiny done already caught this girl with her man; Than she ante got no reason to be at the Monique show while he there period! These whores(man/women)dont care about nobody but themselevs. And I feel so sorry for anybody who is dealing with these type of issues.

    • @sweet2,
      so perhaps hoopz will become a validated piece of azzzz as well

      so perhaps hoopz will become a validated piece of azzzz as well

    • @sweet2, is there anyway to protect your home these days….IF A SIDEPIECE f’in larry king
      i guess not


    • @sweet2,

      Oh My! :)

    • @sweet2, why would hoops do that any ways but i like wat that hole thing was talking about period hoops a hoe

  2. who in de hell thought hoops was straight anyway???

    • @noseynelley,

      Obviously the men she keep creeping with. She probably brings a friend with

  3. plz leave T.I alone! he’s one of the last black successful men out here STILL WILLING TO MARRY/DATE a black woman!! (well 1/2 black anyway:-)

    • @@noseynelley,

      LOL! Well half…

  4. Seems to me T.I has not learned anything in his time away man you just got out of jail your side piece should not have that much access to you. Especially as controlling as T.I is as well not wanting Tiny to do her show or go back to work I am starting to this that this man is a pimp only pimps act like that. Why are so many men willing to trade in a fairly good woman for some even easier azz? Tiny don’t give up your day job for this man because inconsistant people are very unstable in everyday actions.

    • @resurrected,

      I’m still in shock, who let’s the side piece sit in front row. Poor Tiny, this is just not cool.

      • @MrsGrapevine 2,

        People with no regard for anyone but themselves, I can tell you this I am getting tried of over selfish people and all of the relationships that they destroy for momentarily type chit.. He brought her all those diamonds to keep her close and get out to do this mess we are spoiling men in a very bad way and the consequences are showing…

      • @resurrected, If Tiny choose to look the other way then she has to deal with herself when she can no longer face herself in the mirror – all the jewels in the world won’t stop me from being the real me-we may spoil our men but I do hold my man to a higher standard

    • @resurrected, First of all, Just cus u see pics and hear rumors does not mean this man is cheating..In order to have a growing relationship you need to be able to trust 1another..I like Hoopz but I look @ her like another GROUPIE!!! That’s it and that’s ALL.. Like Tiny has mentioned in her interview b4 (Her MAN T.I. is EYE CANDY) and she aint lying.. I feel like T.I. knows what he got @ home and treat these CHASING WHORES like WATER FALLS he drink that shyt and KEEP IT MOVING..MF want to always throw salt @ peoples relationship to BE SEEN..Let this couples LIVE, LOVE 1another..They both has established/offered to much tyme into there relationship…@Tiny u betta walk over and around THESE WHORES…2fingas

  5. She wouldn’t be there if he didn’t want her there, and she has been at every event. after the initial hoopla of her being seen watch she going to be right in the fore front. I believe she has always been there just in the background. Tiny is not going any where remember she can have whatever she likes @ resurrection tiny/toya show is no more hence! toya getting her own show, omg girls are no more either. When was the last time they were at an event other than on the show?

    If tiny and ti get married I will be surprised.

    • Your post was interesting and I believe Tiny will still get married to TI but only she knows how she feel everyone will talk regardless of what.

  6. I congratulate Tiny I was even impressed by her composure cuz I don’t know how I would’ve handled it initially but from the interview it sounds as if Hoopz better get ready for a beatdown!

  7. I personally feel that if TI and Hoopz really have an affair then Tiny has to make her own decision as to how she wants to go about the situation because no one can speak for her. Whether she decides to stay or leave the relationship it’s her call.


  8. i no dats rite kuz hoopz dont nd to b dare at all it need iz tiny not no damm hoopz kuz she a hoe big tyme

  9. how about all 3 get it crackin and settle everything everything

    • @fame, right on

  10. Dnt blame hoopz if t.i. came to any of yall and yall know he got a girl,dnt act like u gone turn him dwn.

    • @cori, you need to shut up ok becuse if you know that he got a fiance why would you do that so hoops is a hoe nasty hoe at that and if you wouldent say no you a hoe to

  11. girl gt the fuk outta here w/ the computer aruging…if t.i. came to u right now and ur jux a ramdom chik and u kno get is a celeb u gonna fuck w/ him period and if say u woulnt u a fuckn lie

  12. yea hoopz wrng but so is t.i. and shit look at tiny ugly ass

  13. tiny is good woman a great mother devoted woman and even with that she has no standards for herself i kno the nigga got money and he takes care of you and you may not want to leave him cuz that will free him up but really think about it he buys you all this stuff to show his love bitch he got money its nothing to him and though he may have you heart other girls getting his loving you may laugh at them but its prolly 50 plus bitches laughing at you ..real talk tho black women need to stop lettin niggas take advantage of their love

    • well as a woman and a mother tiny deserve everything she getting. u never put no man before God and your family after looking at her show, she was all about TI she didn’t spend no time with her mother and father and to admit dat on national TV she should be ashame,TI may not see a strong woman in her he may be looking for a woman that want let nothing and no one stop them from pursueing there dream. and tiny did just dat I say move on TI if hoopz wat makes you hop.

  14. ella una azada (spanish) Well damn hoopz yue needa get yo wooped…..LOl jk….

  15. I think tz is a fine ass to cute for his own skin lol 4real he’s a king in my eye n guys she knw he’s too fine for her its expected I feel sori for him when he wakes up in da morning babyboy cum to my hood I will show u how u roll queen of london style baby girl for life westside angel till we die always ontop of crown

  16. Babyboy u toooo fine she knw that was gona happen her own fault babygirl durban 0735966844

  17. I love this thug he’s soooo cute I kno every song and when I’m in da club I go in a trance coz thiz nagga gives thug loving a new meaning that smile mmmmm babyboy u kno u fine xoxoxoxox bye boo cum to durban

  18. Everybody is always so quick to judge Hoopz if u don’t kno her personally then u won’t ever know what’s going on

  19. Do t.i have a baby with tiny mother

  20. we are talking bout hoopz she was gutter enough to mess wit flav she jus making rounds now lol

  21. Thanks again for the article post.Much thanks again. Will read on…

  22. Personally, I feel that T.I placed Tiny in this love triangle by continuing an off and on relationship with Hoops … if he isn’t ready to be a man by being with the one woman who has had his back throughout all his issues leave him alone and see if his mistress has his back like that.. smh no need to fight

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