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Amber Rose Says: She’s Just A Dope Chick From South Philly

Amber Rose, in a recent interview with YRB Magazine, says Kanye West saved her life, but she also reveals that she does not consider herself a celebrity, but just a regular chick. She also talks about being overwhelmed by the paparazzi, and not being able to go topless on the beach with boyfriend Kanye West.

Check out what Amber Rose has to say about being topless and dating Kanye West…

She explained: “Honestly, Kanye saved my life, and I don’t even think about what I would have been; I just think about what I’m going to be…I don’t look at myself as a celebrity.
I’m just a dope chick from South Philly! I mean, it’s crazy when fans come up to me and cry and just want a hug from me. It bugs me out! But it’s really cool.”

The 27 year old beauty revealed she finds the paparazzi interest in her life “overwhelming”.
“I like to be on the beach with my man with no top on. I’m very comfortable with my body. But there’s no privacy – that’s the only thing that overwhelms me.
“Every time I see a light flash, I think it’s the paparazzi. Those f****rs give me anxiety.”

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