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Alicia Keys Ignores Questions About Mashonda: Gloats About The Good, Ignores The Bad

Every time I work on path to not being overly opinionated about the Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys’ love triangle, something pops-up in the press that sets me back a few steps. I am trying not to be objectionable and give Alicia Keys the benefit of the doubt, but this new article in Fabulous Magazine, just adds fuels to the fire. I just can’t see her the same. I’m not buying into this Superwoman branding or the uplifting thing.

Alicia Keys Fabulous Magazine Interview Alicia Keys Ignores Questions About Mashonda: Gloats About The Good, Ignores The Bad

In a recent interview when asked about being in love with Swizz Beatz, Alicia Keys couldn’t stop gushing about her private life and how great it is:

Oh yes,” she says dreamily. “I am very much in love. Right now love is my main inspiration. Love is the one thing we all want in our lives and I am completely surrounded by it. Love fills you up in a way nothing else can and it’s the most amazing, amazing thing.

But when asked about Mashonda and the affair, she pulls a no comment and blames her silence on Oprah.

Oprah Winfrey is the wisest woman I know. She’s like my big, clever, older sister. A while ago she gave me one piece of advice which was to never get drawn into talking about that sort of thing. All I know is that right now my life is really, really good. (cop-out)

Last time I checked Oprah has come clean about a lot of dirt in her life, including using drugs. If you don’t want anyone in your private life then don’t speak on it at all. Just leave it alone like Beyonce. I don’t think celebs owe us any information about their private lives so as long as all of it stays private, the good and the bad. But, what I hate most, is a person that only wants you to think good of them, and not the bad. You can only be loved when you are faulted, and I guess that’s why women like Monica, Mary J Blige, and Jennifer Hudson appeal to me. There music is as raw and genuine as the artists that sings it. I’m flawed, I have messed up in my life, and it’s okay.

Now, I know why I’m not an Alicia Keys fan musically, her music is just overly produced. Give me the real, the honest, and the raw emotion. Make me love you in 3-D. That’s not my judgment, that’s just my opinion!

Oh but wait, there’s more. She also talks about how tough her life was growing up:

She carried a knife to school for protection because that’s what all kids did. “You had to be streetwise. At the age of seven I could spot a hustler or someone high on drugs.”

And the threat of gang violence was never far away. “When I was about 13 or 14, I was in the street when someone got shot in a gang situation. What was difficult was that in my group of friends, some went the way of gangs and drugs and others didn’t. You couldn’t blame those that did because we were surrounded by it. It was what they knew, all they knew.

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  1. SEe Mrs.Grapevine-this is why i do not like this famous HOE!! iT WAS A STRAIGHT COP OUT TO BRING OPRAH INTO HER INTERVIEW! Oprah aint never told that girl to be a homewrecking hoe, with no boundaries. And yes, Oprah is very forth coming when it comes to her personal life(ex-being molested etc….) but this ms. goody 2 shoes hoe thinks her sh*t dont stink! I think she is a COWARD! If she is such a woman, she could have said something nice abt the baby being a extended addition to Mashondas family.( I can think of something and its not my situation) So this clearly proves that she is in denial and feels guilty bc she cant face the heat!ALICIA KEYS – is a sneaky,grimmy, vindictive broad! I will never buy another piece of her contradicting music AGAIN!

    • @janetfromNC,

      We don’t have to call her names, just spend your dollars on artist you feel you can invest in

      • @MrsGrapevine 2, if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, acts like a duck…….ITS A DUCK!

  2. She doesn’t have to talk about it, because if she’s done wrong it will come back around to her. Ignoring the question won’t make it any better and just because you’re in love that doesn’t justify you sleeping with a married man.

    • @STEFANY,

      I think silence is golden, if you’re going be quiet, then stay quiet. If you’re going to be open, then be fair about the good and bad.

  3. Oh yeah – i bet her life is “really,really good” bc she has a man who left one family to start another…..kudos 2 u tramp….

  4. sorry 2 the other bloggers if it sounds harsh but it is what it is….i just hate when people do foul things and think its okay.

  5. well she must have seen a lot of scandolos cheating women bc she defnly picked up traits from a hooker…im just saying….mrs.grapevine….lol

  6. I don’t see what is so different. She has never talked about Mashonda and this situation and she doesn’t here. She said Oprah gave her a piece of advice a while ago not recently. If you read the whole article Alicia denied the accusations once and basically isn’t going to keep doing it. We all kow if she was to start talking now it would only make Mashonda respond and then we would be back where we started- he said, she said.

    • @koko, Im not saying she needs to talk abt mashonda…but at some point she will have to acknowledge her bc their kids will be related! I mean i think its common sense….she could say something nice since people think she is such a “golden child”.

    • @koko,

      1) I don’t want her to talk about Mashonda, I want her to leave the subject alone if she doesn’t want the press to talk about the details. Just say, “I don’t discuss my private life” [PERIOD]. But instead she bragged about her love then went quiet when the questions were tough.

      2)Secondly, I read the whole article, and even the interviewer poked holes in the theory that they just started dating in May. How is that possible when she’s five months pregnant? How are we to believe their side, when they have been caught in a non-honest situation.

      Quote”In fact, despite regularly being seen at the same events and holidaying together in Hawaii in January, they only admitted they were a couple in May, when they were photographed hand-in-hand following Alicia’s sell-out gig at London’s O2 arena.”

      3) That’s what I’m talking about, these are media games, and everyone knows they were already kissing over a year ago, and taking private trips. We have the pictures. Last, but not least Swizz Beatz confirmed it as well via twitter and video.

      4) I think we all should move on, but it helps when all parties keep it out of the media. If they don’t want Mashonda saying bad things, perhaps they shouldn’t talk either.

      • @MrsGrapevine 2,

        “Secondly, I read the whole article, and even the interviewer poked holes in the theory that they just started dating in May. How is that possible when she’s five months pregnant? How are we to believe their side, when they have been caught in a non-honest situation. ”

        HELLO! Exactly the point!

  7. I think Alicia is just caught up in the moment,she sounds like she has the “happily forever after symdrome” but she will soon learn. She’s following her heart rather than her morals or her mind. Unfortunately her choices will have bad consequences in the end.

    • @STEFANY, ABSOLUTLEY AGREE WITH YOU!!!! Everything is always sweet in the beginning…Im not wishing bad on her but you defnly REAP WHAT YOU SEW!

  8. If u go back in read Alicia’s old interviews from 4/5 years ago she said the same thing about Oprah’s advice. She didnt say the begin dating in May, she confrimed that they’re dating in May.

    • @tutu,

      I’m not understanding why it matters when Oprah gave her the advice. She still strategically used Oprah’s name, and the interview is about Alicia. Oprah is a lot more open with her life.

      The interviewer wrote the part about May, not Alicia. But prior to being pregnant she was not confirming the relationship to the press.

  9. Point taken I get that she shouldn’t talk or say anything at all on the matter good or bad. As for the other point we all know they were dating while he was legally married they are not denying that or trying to make us believe that. She is at least 5 months pregnant so that wouldn’t make any sense. The interviewer might have misread that one. What they do want us to believe is that they started dating after he was seperated and that it had nothing to do with Alicia. That has always been the disputed question. Whether we agree with it or not there are a slew of celebrities that date while seperated and the divorce comes later so they obviously don’t feel that was an issue. The article said they are just now acknowledging their relationship but most celebrities deny they are dating someone even if it is on good terms. So I don’t think that by them only recently saying yes we are dating that they want us to believe it just started.

    • @koko,

      I don’t think this is about the affair or who’s sleeping with whom.

      The problem is that Alicia Keys has branded and sold albums on this theory of Superwoman, uplifting, and empowering women. Very clean image.

      Now, her private life is saying wait, are you just trying to make a dollar off a product, and not actually live by your own brand.

      Lil Kim, no one would care, Nicki Minaj, wouldn’t blink an eye, because they don’t have a “prefect” image.

      The problem is no one is perfect or all good, including Alicia Keys.

      So some people just rather buy a brand that matches better with the artist they’re supporting.

      This will not kill her career.

      • @MrsGrapevine 2,

        Exactly the point, and if she didn’t have an affair just say
        it and be done with it. But she knows thats not the case because Mashonda was making accusations about Alicia and Swiss long before their divorce was finalize. And who knows how long they were sleeping together before papers were actually filed.

  10. Great coverage!

  11. I do think Alicia has acknowledged Mashonda just not publicly as far as saying this happened or that happened. I don’t think she has a problem with the kids at all, why would she? If you saw the BET Awards she hugged Swizz’s firstborn (not by Mashonda) and he seemed comfortable with her so she has obviously been around the kids at some point. I think that part should definetely be kept out of the public. While kids are smart they don’t need to feel any negativity from the adults or media.

    • @koko, no she has not acknowledge mashonda- LETS KEEP IT 100% ON HERE… NO ONE SAID SHE HAD A PROBLEM WITH THE KIDS, THE OBVIOUS! You made a valid point-she has been around the kids long ago when the affair started! Kids dont know the detail about her being a slut butt and sleeping around with a married man.duhhhhhhhhh! I guess you just dont get it and wont get it! IT IS THE PRINCIPAL BEHING THE SITUATION!!! NOT THE SITUATION-there are plenty of hoers,mistress in this cold world we live in. But to walk around barefoot pregnant, and avoiding your wrongful acts is LUDACRIS!!!

      • @janetfromNC, believe me, Kids know when someone is bad. That’s the common mistake people make. Just like kids know when a marriage is falling apart.

      • @Style,

        Yes, kids are very intuitive and a lot more mature than adults give them credit for.

      • @Style, and kids do know when a person is bad. that is why he told his momma that she tried to make him call her “umi”

      • @janetfromNC,

        Alicia does not owe you, me, or anyone else an play by play of how and when a relationship started. You can only ASSume what the distorted media feeds you. I thought humans were a little more intelligent than to fall for this media MESS
        Who are you to dictate what she needs to say? She can talk about what she wants when she wants. She may have made her peace with Almighty God and not you. I am sure you may have made a contradicting statement and done something different from what you stood for. Just think about it for a hot second.

      • @JustLovely, You make NO DAMN SENSE LITTLE ONE! I know the trick doesnt owe me anything…. but as a person who use to buy her music, that chick could say something to the people (since its already on blast) about her pregnancy! By the way I am a college graduate, working in the banking field-very intelligent boo. Again , im able to express my opinion however I want! If you dont like it….go get a life bc I dont care what you think! If there ever has been a instance where i was contradicting, then TRUST AND BELIEVE- I ACKNOWLEDGE IT AND KEEP IT 100%. Maybe you feel so strongly about it bc you practice some of her beliefs also……HOMEWRECKING THAT IS : )

      • @janefromtheghetto,

        I apologize that your level of understanding is not very high. Congratulations on graduating from college, so have I. You can express your opinion however you want and I don’t care what you think either. I just like to shoot the breeze and feed off other opinions. You don’t have to get your panties in a bunch about contradicting yourself, we do not walk on water. I have a life and I am living it well, too bad you are not able to enjoy chatting without getting all Sha-nay-nay acting. I do not practice homewrecking because I have seen first hand how it broke the spirit of my aunt. I also know there are different reasons why relationships end and move on before the other person is ready to let go. I feel strongly about listening to both sides, learning about differences, knowing how to conversate without negativity, and being receptive to positive information.

        “but as a person who use to buy her music, that chick could say something to the people (since its already on blast) about her pregnancy!”

        I thought she did talk about her pregnancy on some morning show. Maybe you missed it that day because you were at work or chilling out.

        I’m glad you keep it real 100%.

      • @JustLovely, OKAY- @DUMB LOVELY….i can bet all of Alicia’$ money, that I live way better than you. So “janet from the ghetto” is way out of line. Unfortunatley, for you LITTLE ONE- 80% of the people on here think that it is FOUL PLAY! The only way I can see someone justifying her behavior to the DYING END(like yourself-lol) is if they can relate. And to relate, that means to participate in similar situations. Can you OVERSTAND that much?? Okay- let me slow it down for you….the only reason you on Mrs.Grapevines site getting all emotional and acting like your Alicia’s lawyer is bc you may have been the cause of a broken home before, and was exposed!! THAT’S YOUR PROBLEM….I SAY WHAT I WANT,WHEN I WANT, AND DO IT ALL WHILE MAKING MY MONEY…HERE @ THE BANK. You dont know anything about that bc your status quo wont allow you to. So I hope you ready to see ALICIA KEYS/SWIZZ BEATZ-IN THE GHETTO, after the FEDS GET DONE WITH THEM.lol….Ok, enough of entertaining you, your the CLOWN, so that’s your daytime job. BACK TO YOU HOMIE :)

      • @JanefromNC,

        I bet you could bet someone else’s money on a blog conversation. I apologize for hurting your feelings about the janet from the ghetto. I see that you feel it was out of line and that is not my intention, hell it was just funny to me to read how worked up you are about an opinion.

        I do not get my fortune from what people say off this website or need validation of agreement from you to feel “special” like you. What’s unfortunate is that you can not debate/discuss the issue without the hoodrat brain.

        I am not justifing her actions. IT IS CALLED DISCUSSING, (I know it must be difficult for you to actually recognize people have different view points and they may supercede your expectations)Just learn from it and think about it. That may be too difficult for ya!

        Emotional over this “lil girl” pullease. This is a forum not family.

        No you may be the one breakin up a home and hoping the JustLovely did, but I can bet all the money you don’t have I don’t participate in breaking up a home. You are definately angry about something- Did your man leave you or something { I promise I didn’t do it maybe it was Alicia} Seek therapy no one will laugh at you.

        You must think You are the only one employed. Good for you. You must be excited keep up the enthuisiam for working.

        It sounds like you play in the sandbox still. I got this, I got that, you don’t.

        You must not have had much to try and convince me of your “Bank Job” and thinking you live better than others. Dream on!! Who am I to wake you up!

        I am still living well.


  12. Just a thought- a few years ago Mary J. Blige did an interview with Essence and spoke about dating Kendu while he was seperated from his wife. She mentioned that after a while she didn’t feel good about it and didn’t want to be labeled as a homewrecker. She wanted to break it off until the divorce was final but Kendu had to convince her that she was not the cause of it. Eventhough she accepted what he said she did say that she made him move out and they stopped sleeping together and start reading the Bible together, focusing on their spirituality. Granted the interview was done after they were married and his ex was not vocal at all eventhough one of his daughters was a little. But is this the honesty we ultimately want to hear from Alicia? Since she does or did have that pro-woman image and she continues with the IAAS.com type stuff. I think at some point down the line she should. I don’t mean going into dates and times but a general I know yall not crazy and I know what it looked like but this is what it was, wouldn’t hurt. It didn’t hurt Mary, it just made people understand how situations happen at times.

    • @koko,

      I think that’s what people want. For Alicia to say it’s not perfect,it was flawed, but we tried.

  13. Again on this huh? Here we go…You say you aren’t a fan of Alicia’s, but Alicia has always said when asked about her personal life, whether it be Swizz or Krucial, she has ALWAYS stated that Oprah told her to never speak about her relationships. Alicia has never spoke about them, and she won’t start now. No one ever knew who she was dating before Swizz, what makes you think she’s going to open up now. She doesn’t owe any of us anything. The article seems to have grabbed a lot of things from older interviews as well as blogs, the pics are from giant magazine. Why I say this, because I’ve seen her say all of these exact words before. Alicia did NOT comment on Mashonda, and I’m proud of her for not doing so. that would have been classless and ridiculous. When we speak about superwoman, even if the rumors are true, I still feel she has done more that makes her a “superwoman” than she has that makes her some bad woman. Alicia has NEVER said she was perfect, matter of fact she always admitted or had to say that she was not perfect, especially in her younger years. Your impressions of Keys does not necessarily evoke what she feels about herself. She has mentioned more than once that she was insecure about so many things of herself, from her looks to her voice. Even the lyrics of her song superwoman doesn’t describe a perfect woman, it describes a woman who has made it through her tribulations. How can you judge someone that you admit you know nothing about? I don’t like Rihanna, so I rarely speak on her, if it’s not her music or a song, I leave it alone because I don’t watch any of it. Before Michael died, he STILL had people calling him a pedophile and self hating human being. Even after he denfended himself, people still denounced him, didn’t support him, called him all kinds of names. Michael never apologized because he had no reason to. What happened after he passed, the real truth came out and showed his innocence. Why does death have to come around before we realize that we don’t know these people, they are human beings in everyday life. Struggling with themselves while the world is against them. We don’t know if Alicia Keys cried, broke down, anything…and we shouldn’t have to know. I do remember her being asked about the homewrecker comments on radio, and she said “I’ll just let people say what they say, they don’t know me for any rumor that they’ve heard” and the interviewer said “I know you aren’t a homewrecker”. If you could hear how thankful and relieved Alicia was when she heard her say that. There is no non honest situation that the public knows, this article says they denied the relationship, but how? In May 2009 in US magazine, Swizz beatz clearly said he was dating Alicia Keys, in December 2009 she walked hand and hand with him at her album release party. In March , they made their first red carpet appearance together..how did they deny the rumors? How? The interviewer definitely should have done more research because they didn’t deny anything. With Mashonda and her new boyfriend, why aren’t anyone saying anything about her..they were together since December? No one cares? It’s strange…so strange to see the hypocrisy that’s going on with the judgments. Kimora had a child while still married to Russell, no one hates her because Russell didn’t bad mouth Djimon. Jada Pinkett Smith did the exact same thing with Will Smith, they are now the blacks favorite couple. It is because, 1 side of the story is out there that people feel that Alicia Keys did something terrible. You know, now that I read Mashonda’s letter, I notice a lot of things that make me question her. If Alicia Keys denied Swizz of seeing his child, why was Swizz always with him every weekend? If Alicia Keys invited her to the party and shook hands with Mashonda, how is that they never spoke? If anything, that was Mashonda’s chance to speak to her..face to face. She invited you to the party, the least you could have done was express your feelings to her there, not through a twitlonger. Also, when she talked to blogs she would say “Everything was fine in our relationship” but in the twitlonger she said “we had problems and I asked her to step back” now before in the video in Januaary 2009, she said she could only get in touch with Alicia’s reps, not Alicia Keys herself. She has no way of knowing if they even sent the message Alicia’s way. She also said she and Swizz were cool and she doesn’t have a problem with him in her twitlonger, yet the next week she and Swizz had that argument via twitter. how are we suppose to know the truth? Everything contradicted itself at that moment.Then on her twitter attacking Alicia’s fans saying they promote the devil, making comments about Alicia’s acne, her paying for his trips, She DM’d me several times about things I DIDN’T care about. I told her straight up, I do not want to know about your situation, and she said “I like you, you are a good person, but then turned around and said I’m supporting the devil..really? Stalking my profile and then DMing me saying “I seen what you just said, and I didn’t mean it that way” What? no, i knew then something wasn’t right. that’s what changed my opinion about the whole thing. I can see why she would be hurt, but the things she did was out of hand as well. that is the reason she deleted her twitter and got a private one which is called “Desertrozez”. When I seen that they were going to give she and Olivia a VH1 show, (Mashonda and Swizz both confirmed it)I was like this can’t just be about a relationship, the show didn’t pan out. Now she has a book deal, which will be called “death of a mermaid”, I wish it success but I do hope she doesn’t use the situation to make money. She herself said that she doesn’t want her son to see her talking bad about his dad. I don’t and am not disrespecting Mashonda, i just hope y’all know there is a side to her that most don’t know..just as it is to Alicia. While we’re seeing one side we’re not even giving the other side a chance, she doesn’t go about disrespecting the ex, she just says what Oprah told her and we find that to be wrong as well. I don’t understand. I am an Alicia fan, and yes, I do feel there’s WAY more to the story than has been been told on blogs. though, don’t take this comment lightly because of the fact that I am a fan, because most of my words can be proven with simple articles and screen caps. Case on Case, no one is perfect, even if Alicia got pregnant when he wasn’t going through a divorce it would be wrong in the sight of God because fornicating is a sin. That there shows she’s not some perfect angel that people make her out to be, and know she doesn’t want people to think that way of her. I’m just glad she’s not acting stupid and is still inspiring others even while going through things.

    • @Style,

      You are going to have to break this up so I can address each issue.

      1)The point isn’t that she should talk about Mashonda, the point is if you don’t want Mashonda to discuss it or the press, it’s probably not wise to say anything about it at all, good or bad. No comment on my private life and keep it moving.

      2) So instead of boasting about her love for Swizz, she should have just let the issue rest, or balanced it out with something positive about Mashonda, too. Mashonda is quiet now, Swizz is quiet now, Alicia Keys is not so quiet.

      3) I’m not judging her, I am not offering her a sentence, a damnation, or time. I expressing my opinion, the same way that you are. You don’t know her either, yet, you are adamantly defending her based on what she’s told or not told the media. I ‘m just on a different side than you are. You have to realize it’s hard to tell what’s real because at the end of the day, this is her business. She will probably protect her business.

      3) Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys could have rolled over Mashonda if she didn’t speak out, they have way more resources. These people have publicist and media training. Secondly, it all started because Alicia was speaking on love in a public forum. I agree Mashonda could have handled it differently, but so could have all the people involved.

      4)I’m sorry but if I thought my husband was cheating, I would probably act a fool to. Women who are hurt sometimes do that.

      5) No one thinks Alicia Keys is perfect. But her image is clean and positive, and so when something goes wrong it affects the product. Just like Tiger Woods.

      In the end, Alicia will be alright and bounce back, and everyone will move on.

      I said, I’m not a fan of her music, but I admire her humanitarian spirit. I do see good in her, a lot of good.

      • @MrsGrapevine 2,


      • @Mrs. Grapevine,

        Even if alicia apologized, she would then be scrutinized over whether or not it was sincere or she just apologizing for her career.

        She has a right to focus on the positive like you and I do.

        Alicia does not have to tell the bad, if I were her I wouldn’t either because all people will do is crucify her and not allow her to redeem or learn from what may or may not have happened. No one is thinking about what Mashonda may have done or why she chose twitter as a way of airing out dirty laundry that may not be true or may be true. Either way it was tacky and because Alicia refuses to speak about that but expresses her love for swizz beatz it is okay. I could care less who Mashonda was with, Swizz, or Alicia. It only annoys me when people make assumptions off of one person who is bitter behind something that was broke before he/or she began dating and the ink is not dry. First hand experiece speaking. I do understand your points as well,all or nothing.

      • @Ms. Observant, I agree also!!

      • @JustLovely,

        I did the research last night, these rumors started when Mashonda filed divorce in April 2008. They were still together, when Swizz started working on A Keys album in January of 2008. Mashonda kept quiet about the situation and gave Alicia Keys the benefit of the doubt, despite all the rumors growing. She put out a positive statement about her divorce with Swizz.

        Alicia Keys in September of 2008 (5 months later), threw Swizz a huge party at the museum and in public referred to him as her boo, her boyfriend.

        Naturally, this confirmed Mashonda suspicion, and she just wanted to know the truth. When did it begin? (The million dollar question)

        Mashonda didn’t go off on twitter to over a year later, after Alicia Keys once again asked the question in a public forum (Smart or Spark).

        That’s why I say, if you want it to be private keep it private. Twice Alicia Keys open the public gates, and now she’s doing it again.

        Here we go with a lengthy debate.

      • @MrsGrapevine 2, Alicia has the right to boast on her love for Swizz now, she waited until the divorce was final to express it. Why can’t she, I don’t think she should touch on anything Mashonda because it’s not worth it.

        There’s a difference between saying something and attacking a person’s fans and other things, that’s just not right.

        There is one thing, I don’t know like you said..but my defense only comes from my humanity. I don’t like when others are called names off of rumors. I’ve had experience with that and it’s not nice, nor good. It hurts because while people have that one thing right, the entire rest of the story is wrong. We all have experience with that. being labeled something when know on knows the truth. I do know a lot more than the norm, a lot more, while I don’t know what has specifically happened, there is so much more that you should know if you plan on speaking about it.

      • @Style,

        I agree and I try not to call her names. I have referred to her as mistress, but that’s what people call women who are involved with someone who is still or was still married.

        I don’t think Alicia should be crucified, but it does changes the way I think of her. Not just her, it would be the same if she was my best friend.

        Everyone has absolute moralism (where thinks are black and white and no in between). Everyone From Alicia to Oprah to me and you.

        Oprah did the same, she too Jennifer Aniston side, because Jennifer was her friend. She didn’t know Angelina’s side and didn’t care to. When Angelina did it, she caught hell, and she’s a bigger humanitarian than Alicia Keys, and she was more honest about it.

        So, IDK…

    • @Style,

      Wow that was long and you’re definitely a hard core fan.

      So you had direct communication with Mashonda? You don’t seem objective either.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

      • @Ms. Observant, Yea I still talk to Swizz Beatz too and so does other fans. he’s very open and friendly about things. Mashonda literally spoke with all Keys fans, and Keys fans aren’t bad at all..they didn’t attack her unless she would you know speak on the acne or music. I felt Mashonda shouldn’t have shared the things she has with me, it clearly wasn’t my business. You know, I honestly don’t blame a lot of the public outbursts on Mashonda either, it seems that when her lawyer got involved, she became more negative on the situation. We all know that is mostly the situation, a lawyer can cause a lot of negativity and lies to be spread do to the gain of money.

        Also, Alicia’s tweets about love before the infamous letter may have been stupid. Though, I feel that was her defensive antics towards Mashonda. Mashonda was really going in on Alicia Keys and no matter what you’ve done, you just aren’t going to let people speak terribly about you. That’s just my opinion though. I do defend Keys in this manner, because in a world where everyone is against you, there’s got to be hope for love and positivity

      • @Style,

        Yo thanks for sharing.

    • @Style, i don’t think you can point at any article that says mashonda was with a new man in 12-09. alicia is a homewrecker and tramp. it is what it is.

  14. Wow Janet I didn’t mean it like that. I know nobody said she had a problem with the kids. I meant that you can’t accept the kids and not accept their mother. I do get it, I have felt that pain before and I know how I felt about his denial and the other woman. If u read my recent post I do think she should speak a little more.

  15. @ style…well said. I remember alot of that.

    • @koko, yea, I really don’t want people to think I’m attacking Mashonda, all of what I’ve said is true. Certainly, I think she’s moved on, but it seems the world is stuck because we are ignorant of what happened. We feel Alicia owes us something and personally, I don’t know what that could be.


    • @ANOYMOUS,

      LMBO, You can’t butt in a conversation and tell somebody to mind their business. *side-eye*

      This a place to speak and express your opinions.

      This was printed in the press, the public, so it is the public’s business.

    • @ANOYMOUS, I respect this blog more than others, she brought valid points up without degrading anyone. I can’t deal with other blogs because their opinions and commentators often come off evil, hateful, and biased.

      • @Style,

        Yes, I see more factual information than hate. I agree Style. Mrs. Grapevine can give props and still say your actions are not right but you still have talent. I can appreciate that.



    • @STEFANY,

      I saw that earlier and haven’t had time to post it yet

      • @MrsGrapevine 2,


    • @STEFANY, the article said Swizz and Mashonda owe the IRS 2.2 million, it was debt they amassed together

  18. Mashonda can’t afford to pay, she had to ask for child support.

  19. Ms. Grapvine, it took me some time but now I get it. This woman is in love, but her love is not who we think, the love is her baby and motherhood. It all make sense Africa, being blessed there, Africa is our mother. She never said she was in love with Swizz, but thats what ppl think she is talking about, she is a writer she knows how to use words,to make you think what she wants you to. She knows that man is incapable of loving her the way she wants to be loved, the evidence is there. But her baby will love her the way she wants to be loved, she knows her and Swizz wont last but she has a love that will last, and no one can take that love away. Its not about Swizz, Mashonda, or this messy situation, she has found a way to escape it all with the gift of a child and motherhood. This is why she went right into talking about her mother, and she knows her mother overcame a lot of things because she had her. Alicia know her way of overcoming this situation and a lot of emotional wounds she has, is thru this experience of motherhood and loving someone that will only love her back without the hurt and disappointments.

    • @Cole,

      Okay. I understand that BUT why did she have to bring a child in the world through fornication and adultery.

      If she wanted a baby to love so much, couldn’t she cared more to have a loving environment and a fair start for the child? To live by example…

      I’m just saying.

  20. @Ms.Observant, yes maam you are right. That’s why I said she now realize this man is incapable of loving her the way she wants to be loved, the baby and motherhood is her escape. The reason she is in this mess, because she tried to trust and love Swizz, but its obvious this man told some serious lies, she fell in love with lies, I think she now knows that, this is tooo messy, he had to fill her head with lies, she believed him and let her guards down, and he has now made a fool of her. The only thing she knows to do now is let it flow, and just let things die out. Once again, she did not say she was in love with Swizz, but she did say she was in love and love is all around her. Sounds like she has come into the knowledge of what she is dealing with, when it comes to Swizz. Swizz had Alicia thinking he was 99% divorced and that he only needed a judges signature, but that was his lie, he was not even seperated from Mashonda. Thats what I truly believe, I just dont think Alicia is that careless to wreck a home.

    • @Cole,

      Thanks responding. I honestly don’t feel sorry for her. And painting her as the innocent deceived, lied to victim is not realistic. Her tweet “[In] love, is it better to go [for] the choice that is smart or the choice that has spark?”

      She knew what she was doing. She obviously chose the stupid choice. The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately sick; who can understand it? Jeremiah 17:9

  21. Ms.observant, cant argue against God’s word. Just as Jeremiah said the heart can be sick and deceitful, I do believe her heart was sick, because she was dealing with a break-up of a long time relationship, then Swizz (the deceitful heart) stepped in,made her believe he was what she needed to overcome, and like the imperfect person we all are she fell weak, fell in sin for this man. You reap what you sow, I guess that’s why she is pregnant out of wed-lock and he is a foot away from the jailhouse with this 7 million dollar lien against him from the IRS and FEDS. SAD!!!! GODS word is real, when he said dont commit sin he meant just that, especially ADULTERY!!

    • @Cole,

      Amen Cole! This is a reminder to us all to repent and stay sober minded. When we’re in the flesh we’re vulnerable and weak without God.

  22. Also, this magazine is VERY questionable. i know I said it before but it looks like a bunch of her quotes put together from various dailymirror.uk articles. giant magazine pics used and quotes from 2008. :-/

    • @Style,

      Now that I will give you, a few things seemed regurgitated.

  23. I like all the comments and views posted.

    I think the issue is not bashing Alicia Keys, but more so accountability.

    Will fans hold celebrities accountable for their actions? Or will they silently drink the kool-aid because they are physically attractive with talent, fame and money?

    I think many things are over looked when the person involved is like so much by the masses. R.Kelly for example after his case and even during his case, many people were still playing his songs in their car and buying his albums.

    • @Ms.Observant, I am glad you said this. Accountability who will take responsibility for their actions and make peace with it publicly to show others how to handle situations that are morally questionable. Who will take the lead on that one? Chris Brown tried to apologize but fans and media are not forgiving him and are apprehensive about giving him another chance. Tiger Woods apologized for what he has done, but I think it is the volume of women that has really messed him up. I know these are totally different situations but the fact is the common denominator is the morality of their action and then apologized. Will it ever be enough to be accountable?

      What happens if Alicia does apologize or answers the questions inquiring minds want to know?

      • @JustLovely,

        EXCELLENT points JustLovely! Although the result was negative when they both apologized publicly, it still showed a sense of maturity and acknowledging wrong.

        Man with Tiger Woods, so many women were involved he had no choice.

        With Chris, things are slowly starting to get better. Way better than Tiger.

      • @Ms.Observant,

        To me, just the notion to apologize takes some level of maturity to first acknowledgle something is wrong. I agree with you about the attempt to show compassion for your error.

        When I think about myself (as an example) to apologize for an error on my behalf, is to acknowledge the behavior, how to correct what I have done, and to handle the situation differently or altogether avoid it.

        I do believe Alicia will recover from this situation.

        Alicia is a public figure who tries to present a positive brand and may have a blemish that we as the audience do not understand all the facts of the timeline of her and Swizz Beatz.

        I think Tiger will have a long difficult journey of growth about self control.

        Chris is on his way back, but he better not breathe wrong or he is done for good. The reason I have a little respect for Chris is he did not bash Rhiana, like most abusers do. He took responsibility for his part and even though Rhiana played a part in the abuse. He only spoke of him and what he could do to improve.

        Now if he did say something negative about her, I missed it.

      • @JustLovely,

        oh yeah I forgot to add that Mary J. Blige’s story is an excellent example of coming forward with honesty in a questionable moral situation.

        But like you said Just Lovely, it has a gamble to it.

      • @JustLovely,

        I agree with your last reply to me. Yep!

  24. @Everybody

    This is like the beauty shop. All opinions are welcome! I don’t post things so you can agree with me. I post them so we can discuss.

    I enjoy all my readers, and I hope you keep the comments coming. Don’t let an argument scare you away, just dive in.

    • @MrsGrapevine 2,

      :) Yeah keep the comments going! It’s so nice to get different views and perspective on different things.

  25. Oh my gosh, REPEAT, read this

    MrsGrapevine 2 Reply:
    July 1st, 2010 at 9:14 AM


    I did the research last night, these rumors started when Mashonda filed divorce in April 2008. They were still together, when Swizz started working on A Keys album in January of 2008. Mashonda kept quiet about the situation and gave Alicia Keys the benefit of the doubt, despite all the rumors growing. She put out a positive statement about her divorce with Swizz.

    Alicia Keys in September of 2008 (5 months later), threw Swizz a huge party at the museum and in public referred to him as her boo, her boyfriend.

    Naturally, this confirmed Mashonda suspicion, and she just wanted to know the truth. When did it begin? (The million dollar question)

    Mashonda didn’t go off on twitter to over a year later, after Alicia Keys once again asked the question in a public forum (Smart or Spark).

    That’s why I say, if you want it to be private keep it private. Twice Alicia Keys open the public gates, and now she’s doing it again.

    Here we go with a lengthy debate.

    • @shock_face,

      Ohhh! I see I did not know that Ak was pouring gas on a flame. This does add more stank on an already funky situation. Well, ain’t that something. Swizzy, in my opinion, should have thought about his actions before he made the decision to cheat on his family. This piece of info I did not know. It does change my perspective on why Mashonda went off publicily on twitter. Yeah if AK is going to be funky about it go hard (tell what you did) or go home (and shut the F*!k up). I prefer the latter.

      See people this is why I love to discuss things you learn from others.

      This is how you debate and discuss nicely JanefromNC !!!

      • @JustLovely, SEE THE REASON YOU “DID NOT KNOW ALICIA WAS POURING GAS ON A FLAME” IS BC YOU ARE NOT TAKING THE TIME OUT TO READ THE FINE PRINT! REALLY-YOU ARE THE ONLY PERSON I FIND MYSELF GOING BACK AND FORTH WITH ABT HOW I CHOOSE TO EXPRESS MYSELF!! I have had no one else try to attack me in their response to me besides “you”. “THINGS THAT MAKE YOU GO HMMMMMMMMMMM” (In my A. Hall voice)I am all for a good debate(allowing people to express and voice their opinions)but for some reason you wont FALL BACK!!!!!!! Its like you are a pest that wont go away…… TRUST ME-YOU WOULD BE THE LAST PERSON I WOULD TAKE ADVISE FROM! YOU MISSING FACTS THAT WERE POSTED MORE THAN ONCE IDIOT!

      • @janetfromNC,

        I don’t have to fall back. You don’t own this site. I was not attacking simply asking questions and giving my opinion. In my spare time I do this. Other times I am volunteering my time with The Freedom School and coordinating charity events for underpriveleged children. If I have time to read about Ak and SB I will if not I will come on here and bother you!! :}

      • @JustLovely,

        Information brought to you by Mrs Grapevine.

        I didn’t know this either. I copied and pasted Mr.G’s post to reinforce it.

      • @JustUGLy, Since you keep missing the facts- why dont you GO BACK to the comment you FIRST MADE TO ME!!!!! ONCE AGAIN- I THINK YOU MISSED THE FACT THAT YOU WERE BEING NASTY IN YOUR RESPONSE!! So I do not have a problem with discussing the topic @ hand with any of these GROWN FOLKS ON HERE, but you…..you need HELP!

      • @janetfromNC, No I was not being nasty. I was just letting you know she is not required to explain herself to us. Truthfully she is not. If she wants to keep her fan base and do what is right then she will re-evaluate herself. I look at Swizzy as the man who could have chosen to not break his family up. Alicia is not the only as you say “homewrecker” what about him.

        Like I said no walks on water and if I missed a fact at least I am mature enough to admit it. Every time you type, you confirm your below 0 level of maturity.

        Since you work at a bank how is your customer service skills evaluated? I bet you flunked that part. I would change banks in a heart beat fooling with you.Naw I wouldn’t I would just complain all the time, everyday!! How many complaints a day do you get for having a ugly attitude? hmm that many!!! I would not be suprised.

        It’s been fun!

      • @JUSTSODAMNSTUPID, YOU have a SLICK MOUTH and thats why I reply to your COMMENTS! AND YES, I DO WORK @ THE BANK YOU LOW CLASS BAMA- OBVIOUSLEY YOU DONT HAVE THE QUALIFICATIONS TO DO SO BC YOUR SIMPLE LITTLE BRAIN WONT ALLOW YOU TO KNOW THAT A BANK HAS MORE THAN ONE DEPARTMENT, WHICH MEANS I NEVER SAID I WORK IN CUSTOMER SERVICE IDIOT! But if I did trust that my BANK ACCOUNT would reflect STELLAR CUSTOMER SERVICE. Im sure you don’t have to waste your time trying to determine your bank of choice bc you ARE ONLY A VOLUNTEER AND HAVE NO REVENUE TO BRING IN. I may be paying for your housing and food bc of your dependence on the welfare system. lol :) You are the biggest joke aka CLOWN that I NEVER WANTED TO KNOW.
        Well….im sure you need to get back to finding a way to make a living for tomorrow. Im glad I could educate the WEAK.

  26. I look at it like THIS…she got caught.

    What’s done in darkness is brought to the Light. End of story

    • @Word, PREACH,TABERNACLE,CHURCH!!!!!!!!!

  27. Now that I think about it, why shouldn’t this affect Alicia’s career?

    Her music is no longer authentic and is deceptive. She sings about love, integrity and respect for women.

    Many pointed out that what Mary J. sings about, she LIVES and is speaking real.

  28. Wow we’re at 91 posts. Keep it going! Can we make it to the 100 land?!


      • @janetfromNC,

        LOL I think this topic turned into a venting session.

        It still is a nice discussion. I think people get buried in the post so people miss repeated points.

  29. When do yall think Alicia Keys will show her face on 106 & Park again?

    Did anyone notice that BET NEVER put the camera on Swizz Beatz during Alicia Key’s BET Awards performance?

  30. http://www.nationalenquirer.com/celebrity/65437

    “But Lady M[ashonda] ain’t buying it. She was livid when she got wind of the beauteous Alicia’s B-day bash she threw for Swizz at New York’s flagship Louis Vuitton store.

    “Alicia introduced Swizz as ‘The man of the hour and my boo,’” an insider told The New York Daily News.

    Swizz and Mashonda announced they were separating in April in a statement issued by a rep for the couple”

  31. @JustLovely @janetfromNC

    STOP the fighting. Let’s hold hands and sing “Superwoman!”

  32. “… Mashonda isn’t buying it. Last week, she was incensed when she heard about the birthday party Alicia threw for Swizz at midtown’s Louis Vuitton store, where guests included Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony and Robin Thicke.
    “Alicia introduced Swizz as ‘The man of the hour and my boo,’” says an insider. <————————— *******************
    New York Daily News

    Okay so apparently Alicia Keys opened up about her feelings twice concerning Swizz Beats prior to the divorce. The party was back in fall 2008..so both Alicia Keys and Swizz Beats knew what they were doing.
    From reading articles overall, Swizz kept switching his tune to keep Alicia and to reassure her that it was "over."

  33. 100 !!!

  34. I thought BET Awards was Alicia last television performance,so why is it she is on the Early Show 7/1/10. Is she feeling the heat of her man’s debt already, you know she did buy a 15million dollar home with a man 7 million dollars in debt with a lien against him by the IRS and FEDS. She work hard for the money, in this economy she better be wise with her decisions, it would be sad if her endorsement deals go sour like Tiger Woods!!! I dont like this at all she should be home resting preparing for her baby, but I feel she is trying to financially secure herself because her man is going broke, I just hope she is the only woman in his life right now, because I have a feeling there will be a snowball effect, and we will see it very soon, more women, babies and debt, he is hiding all sorts of things. We have to give her props for keeping her head up through all of this, she know how people are talking about her, when you’re pregnant you are very emotional, she seems to be handling things very well, in front of the cameras, but behind closed doors, she may really be devastated and regretful.

  35. WTH, I took the rest of the day off to go see Rick Ross and Don Chief, and I comeback to a cat fight.

    What had happened????

  36. Ask Swizz Beatz about Mashonda. He was married to her. Why not ask him why he had three children while married to Mashonda? Ask him about their marriage and love life.

    People need to mind their own business and work on themselves. Art and music is to be enjoyed not their lives.

    Get one and live it to the fullest.

  37. @resurrected,

    She don’t have to let you know her every move. She may have done so, and you just don’t know. The only thing Alicia owes her fans is music, not a life story of how she hooked up with someone. Believe me I could care less who you or anyone else hooked up with.

  38. @resurrected,

    I am curious as to why you think AK does not care who she hurts? and what could she do to change your mind and show that she does care who she did or did not hurt?

  39. @JustLovely,
    I never said that she had to tell me her every move but it does not change my opinion of her and her actions. I don’t have a public life, career or reputation to consider either.. At the end of the day that will be Ak problem but she is the one who needs a fan base not I honey. Ok with your last line I am so happy for you and your comment and same you what you think about me is no skin off of my back either. You act as if I really said something harmful about her that just shows where your mind and feelings are at. Life has a way of showing us all in the end so a lot of what is said never really matters.

  40. @resurrected,

    You are right it does not really matter, I am just stating my opinion. No, I didn’t take it as harmful because it does not hurt me. I am simply stating that who cares who she slept with. After reading the blog and some comments you just say what is on your mind some agree and some don’t. I can accept all variables or opinions. Yes, my mind set at she does not owe us an explanation or response as to who, what, when, where, and why with swizzy. For example, it wouldn’t matter about Jay z and who ever. Enjoyed the chat… :)

  41. @JustLovely,

    When you care about how you make other people feel or who you hurt it will show in your actions. Her actions says everything but that, if she really cared then she would have a deeper consideration for the family that is now hurting and have better instincts against the man why caused them in the first place. To even think that it will never be you is just plan stupid especially when you see it and have been apart of it.

  42. @Choco,

    oh snap that’s true. I never thought about it like that

  43. @Choco, I agree with you completley!!

  44. @resurrected, I totally agree with you, I think our facts are totally going over young’s head(justlovely).

  45. @Choco, and that’s love for you!

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