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Siohvaughn Wade Goes To Jail & Bails Herself Out

Siohvaughn Wade gave herself over to authorities in Chicago, and wasted $10,000 doing so. Siohvaughn’s failure to cooperate with the court and show-up for schedule hearing lead the Judge in the divorce and custody case to issue a body attachment order for her arrest. Now, after posting a $10,000 cash bond, Siohvaughn has been released.

Yes, she had $10,000 with her. I guess that’s $10,000 less Dwayne Wade has to fork over. Divorce shouldn’t be the messy, Siohvaughn should have just beat Gabby down one good time, and moved on with her life. No matter what happened between Dwayne Wade and Siohvaughn, one thing is clear; it’s time to move on.

Dwayne wade Siohvaughn Siohvaughn Wade Goes To Jail & Bails Herself Out

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  1. They are really doing the most.

    • @SHopaholic22,

      They are the most exciting news this month. It’s been a slow season since last year, when everything happened Rihanna & Chris Brown, Michael Jackson, Alicia & Mashonda, and Tiger Woods.

  2. Just give her half and be done already! July is around the corner and he’ll be getting some big bucks, so he can replensh what he will lose! Honestly he needs to have a one on one with Michael Jordan about divorce!

    • @Lovely310,

      She’s trying to drag it out until July, but the judge will not fall for it.

  3. …anytime she came prepared to bail herself out of jail!!!!! #timetoletgo

  4. dwyane you are fucking asshole beacuse for throw your ex wife
    over your head and throw her on the bathroom floor that was not
    cool at all and making fun of

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