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Not Another Stripper Story: Mario In Love With A Stripper Named Dez

Singer Mario is the next celebrity male to make the headlines because of rumors involving his relationship with a stripper named Dez (Desiree). Dez is not new to the scene she’s the girl eating ice cream with Amber Rose on the streets of NYC, and and the girl kissing Amber’s bald spot (that just doesn’t sound right too many innuendos). Amber Rose refers to Dez as her “little sister”, and apparently they worked at the same strip club in Philadelphia called Delilah’s Gentlemen’s Club.

Where should we start? According to Carlton Jordan we should start with the fact that Dez was dating Mario’s manager J. Erving (yes the son of Julius “Dr. J” Erving) since she was 18. They met at the strip club, and became inseparable. According to Carlton Jordan she even has J. Ervings initials and name tattooed on her body.

But now, Dez is with Singer Mario, and J. Erving is no longer the singer’s manager. How did that happen? {Keep read to find out}

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