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More Sources Confirm LeBron’s Mom Sleeping With Teammate Delonte West

LeBron James may have been the last to know that his teammate Delonte West was giving his mom, Gloria, the business. I always wondered why it took four days for LeBron James and Gloria to respond to the rumors, and why hasn’t Delonte West denied the rumors, after all he’s the one accused of sleeping with a cougar.

How did Gloria James pull a hottie like Delonte West? I don’t know if many of you are aware, but Delonte West has a history of mental illness, and has been diagnosed with bi-polar disorder. Last year he took some time off to seek treatment after a string of mishaps. He is currently on medication to treat his disorder. I’m not saying Ms. Gloria isn’t hot, but I knew there had to be something else to explain this relationship.

Are the rumors true? ESPN Sports Radio correspondent Calvin Murphy confirms the rumors are true during a radio interview, and not only are they true, but they are “absolutely true”:

Listen to Calvin Murphy spill the beans during an interview when you continue. SMH! I still can’t believe it…

Audio Spotted at The YBF

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