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Michael Jackson’s Kids Can’t Access Their Inheritance Until They’re 30 Years Old!

I think Michael Jackson will forever make the headlines even though he’s gone now.  The News of The World reported that according to his trust fund documents, Michael’s children are left with 40% of his estate and his mother gets 40% until her death.  The kids will not be able to access the funds until they’re 30.  I think that’s smart with the way all these kids act in Hollywood today.  It’ll give them a chance to try and build their own fortune until then.  Michael did not leave a dime to his father or any of his brothers. Hmm, we wonder why.

Michael jackson kids Michael Jacksons Kids Cant Access Their Inheritance Until Theyre 30 Years Old!

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  1. They will have a financial advisory paying their expenses until they are 30, The remainder they will get when they reach 40. The remaining 20% goes to charity.

    • @Kusha, They don’t have access to inheritance of estates until their 30 years old. Of course they will be taken care of until then. 40% will then go to them, another 40% automatically to his mother and 20% to charity. And if his mother passes, a percentage will be allocated back to the children and then the rest to charity.

  2. I think that is a good idea then they will be old enough to have sense when deciding what their money.. I love the Jacksons and all but they have grown a bit dysfunctional and most of the children are still putting a lot of responsibly on Katherine. If she was past Janet/ Rebbe needs to get those children because the boys would bleed them dry and oh yet we can’t forget about Joe.

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