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Halle Berry Back To Black Already; Gabriel Confirms Split

Halle Berry Back to black men Halle Berry Back To Black Already; Gabriel Confirms SplitHalle Berry was spotted holdingĀ  hands with mysterious tall dark and tall man during Denzel Washington’s Broadway play Fences. Say what you will be these celebs know how to work the media (blogs), and I know what message Halle Berry is sending. I am just going to write this post, and not let my inner thoughts about sexual chocolate leak on to the page. I doubt if there is anything here, but it makes for an interesting story.

*Going to find out who mystery man is* Wondering if he’s a “waiter”…lol

Halle Berry Back to black men Halle Berry Back To Black Already; Gabriel Confirms Split

Meanwhile, Gabriel Aubry has confirmed the split and “continue reading” to see what he tells Access Hollywood about Halle Berry:

While I will not comment on all of the wild inaccuracies being speculated about in the media, I am sad to say that Halle and I have decided together to separate at this time. She [Halle] is, and will forever be, one of the most special and beautiful people that I have ever known, and I am certain that we will continue to have only love and respect for one another.[Nahla] happiness and well-being are the most important thing for both of us,” Aubry says. “Please respect our privacy during this very difficult time. {Source}

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  1. Halle’s new man is fine! She looks about 20yo there too.

  2. Well at least they ended amicably.
    Also,I dunno, but I don’t think this guy is her new man…odd body language. whatever tho, what do i know ?lol

    • @SHopaholic22,
      I agree… the body language is all wrong. also, given how private Halle usually is, her bringing this new dude out is definitely a calculated movie. That new guy looks like he don’t know whats going on..he’s probably still in shock that he is on a date wuth Ms. Berry!!

      • @LovelyDay,

        LOL! She is pulling him by the hand like he’s her child. “Come on here”

    • @SHopaholic22,

      I don’t think so either, she’s just showing she “can have another you by tomorrow”…to the left, to the left

  3. Mrs. Grapevine you are so bad… lol


    I don’t read much into this little picture. For the most part Halle likes black men, but she let a white man sire that baby. Seems to me she is saying we good to date and screw, but when it is time to make babies, keep it light or white.. lol People and this hatred for dark skin… sheesh.

    I am not saying this is fact.. just my opinion.

    • @bettyboopbbw69,
      I like what you said in your post, but in this case I don’t think that Halle was searching for a white due to have a kid with. I think she always wanted a baby, and Gabriel was the first guy in a long time that she loved and trusted enough to make one with. she probably would have had one with eric benet if he would’ve stopped hoe’ing around long enough…

      • @LovelyDay,

        I agree with you to a point.

        The situation Eric Benet was very unfortunate. I think a lot of women like Halle (regular women too) that are rich or powerful or even just highly educated with find themselves easy to find a suitor, but hard to keep them.

      • @bettyboopbbw69,
        That is a great point. its funny… a lot of us “normal everyday” females believe that if we were as beautiful and rich as Halle, we would be so much happier and in a solid relationship. evidently that is not the case. I feel bad for her.. she seems like a nice and decent person dealing with the same type of issues as everyone else, just in the public eye.

      • @bettyboopbbw69,

        I don’t think looks or money has anything to do with keeping a man. He will cheat on you with ugly broke woman, if she is meeting his needs or soothing his ego. Men care about looks the first night, but after that you need a lot of substance to keep him.

    • @bettyboopbbw69,

      I don’t think Halle Berry ever cared about skin color. She has dated every color in the spectrum. She’s been ready to have kids, but couldn’t stay in stable relationship long enough.

  4. I was so sad to hear that Halle & Gabriel spilt :-(

    I wish them both the best of luck.

  5. @bettyboopbbw69 i agree w/ mrs. grapvine i don’t think halle cares either…they were together for almost 5 years. And even so, she’s half white too…is she obligated to have kids by a black man?

  6. she needs2settle dwn

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