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Gabrielle Union Needs UpLifting; Dwayne Wade’s Wife Suing Gabby

Gabrielle Union name just stays in the media, and it’s usually not good. When I see her on Jay Leno she seems like a great person, but when stories like this comes out, it makes it hard for me to reconcile the actress with the person. Usually, I’m not on the side of the other woman, but I am going to defend Gabrielle Union, not for being an “allege” mistress to Dwayne Wade, but because this divorce has dragged on and on, and no one has the kids best interest in mind. (Kids are not a pawn pieces in a chess game, Dwayne and Siohvaughn Wade are out of pocket. Their kids are suffering from their pettiness.)

Siohvaughn Wade is suing Gabrielle Union, the allege mistress of Dwayne Wade “claiming her conduct around their young children has inflicted emotional distress.” Mrs. Wade also claims actress Gabrielle Union “engaged in sexual foreplay with Dwyane Wade” in front of Wade’s 8-year-old and 2-year-old sons while on an unsupervised visitation to the basketball star’s Miami home, according to a suit filed Tuesday in Cook County Circuit Court. {Source}

dwayne wade gabrielle union married Gabrielle Union Needs UpLifting; Dwayne Wades Wife Suing Gabby

Man, I wonder what the little kid saw that would make Siohvaughn Wade file a suit. There are a lot more salacious allegations, and it doesn’t make Gabby look good, but remember these are allegations from a woman scorn.

The suit also claims Wade’s oldest son was allowed to play unsupervised in or around the Miami home’s pool at night. Wade and Union ignored the boy, whose “screams and cries” eventually got the attention of Wade’s mother, Jolinda Wade, who took the boy inside, according to the suit.

The 8-year-old later told court appointed child representative Lester Barelay what happened and asked him “to put his father in jail…” so he would not have to return to the home, which he calls “the house where the woman kissing daddy lives,” the suit said. {Read on}

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  1. wow. I hope this isnt true. Gabby doesnt need any more bad press. She has enough as it is.

    • @JuicyCarter,

      I’m actually defending Gabrielle a little bit. Just a little, I do think the blogs have been really hard on her, even if she opened herself up to it.

  2. IMO, i think Siohvaughn is so consumed with hate that she doesnt even see the damage that she is inflicting on her kids. I also think that Gabby and Wade were messing around while he was married to and/or separated from siohvaughn, and because of that i have no sympathy for either one. the only 2 that i feel sorry for are the children…..

    • @LovelyDay,

      My sentiment exactly.

    • @LovelyDay, why dont they gab and duane wait till the devorce is over.have some kind of respect!!

  3. Wow that sucks. I have a problem when women that blame the other women for their relationship or marriage failing. Yes the woman is wrong for engaging in an affair with the husband. But the mistress isn’t married to the wife. Blaming another women for your relationship downfall doesn’t change the fact y’all aren’t together. It seems pointless to blame Gabby when she didn’t have a commitment to her. I still think Gabby is wrong. But the underline meaning of this situation isn’t about Gabby but trying to get back at him. the kids are the most effected by this BS.

    • @Jan,

      No, but married women should have some form of revenge if a woman knowingly pursues a married man. Yes, it’s the man’s place to say no, but if the mistress doesn’t respect you or your marriage, why should you respect her pocketbook. Take something from her, too.

      • @MrsGrapevine 2, thank you!!!thats the truth!!.

    • @Jan,

      But, I do think Siohvaughn has lost it and gone way too far with this.

  4. I have a problem with loose azz woman who don’t care about the pain that they cause the only thing that Gabby needs up lifting for is off of that D**k… Sorry to be so cold but she is getting what she created and I know that they all add to this but marriage should be a life time thing if you pick the right partner but side pieces are always temporary and always talking chit.. I think that you can always blame anyone who is involved… If a person get raped but one person never touched the victim saw it happened and never said anything doesn’t that person still get charged.. Gabby is just as guilty as everyone else in this situation…

    • @resurrected,

      If Gabby was the mistress, I don’t condone that. But even worst to me is grown people using children to get back at each other. Dwayne Wade lifestyle makes it hard for him to be a devoted father, and someone else would end up raising the kids in his absence. The children should be with their mother, she was good enough to have two kids with and to marry, and now that they’re divorcing Siohvaughn is unfit.

      Siohvaughn is over the line for using her kids to get back at Gabby. This lawsuit is stupid, and the kids are unnecessarily being put in the public eye.

      I’m just disgusted.

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  7. i feel tht the boy was coached an the mother needto move on .HE DOES’NT WANT YOU ANYMORE. sure gabby was wrong if the relationship started before he filed for diorce but at the end of the day what did wade tell her from the beginning. the ex will not win in court she has no grounds in florida courts. i really does not feel that it is penis,two people who love each other. if you can think back when the ex was all over the dam place ((TRAMP)

  8. This home wrecking trick will not have any good luck with wade you reap what you sow its just a matter of time.

    Don’t date married men!

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