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Gabrielle Union name just stays in the media, and it’s usually not good. When I see her on Jay Leno she seems like a great person, but when stories like this comes out, it makes it hard for me to reconcile the actress with the person. Usually, I’m not on the side of the other woman, but I am going to defend Gabrielle Union, not for being an “allege” mistress to Dwayne Wade, but because this divorce has dragged on and on, and no one has the kids best interest in mind. (Kids are not a pawn pieces in a chess game, Dwayne and Siohvaughn Wade are out of pocket. Their kids are suffering from their pettiness.)

Siohvaughn Wade is suing Gabrielle Union, the allege mistress of Dwayne Wade “claiming her conduct around their young children has inflicted emotional distress.” Mrs. Wade also claims actress Gabrielle Union “engaged in sexual foreplay with Dwyane Wade” in front of Wade’s 8-year-old and 2-year-old sons while on an unsupervised visitation to the basketball star’s Miami home, according to a suit filed Tuesday in Cook County Circuit Court. {Source}

Man, I wonder what the little kid saw that would make Siohvaughn Wade file a suit. There are a lot more salacious allegations, and it doesn’t make Gabby look good, but remember these are allegations from a woman scorn.

The suit also claims Wade’s oldest son was allowed to play unsupervised in or around the Miami home’s pool at night. Wade and Union ignored the boy, whose “screams and cries” eventually got the attention of Wade’s mother, Jolinda Wade, who took the boy inside, according to the suit.

The 8-year-old later told court appointed child representative Lester Barelay what happened and asked him “to put his father in jail…” so he would not have to return to the home, which he calls “the house where the woman kissing daddy lives,” the suit said. {Read on}

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