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Exotic Dancer Sues NFL Player for $10 MILLION

The good news for Albert Haynesworth is that he recently signed a $100M contract with the Washington Redskins late last year. Congratulations. The bad news is that his pregnant ex-girlfriend, Silvia Mena, says that he impregnated her and then left her high and dry. Mena, a brooklyn-based exotic dancer, is suing Haynesworth for $10 Million. The 4-month pregnant Mena claims that Haynesworth promised he would take care of her both financially and emotionally. Apparently he disappeared shortly after finding out she was pregnant. But it gets worse!!!

According to documents filed by her lawyer, Salvatore Strazullo, when Mena tried to get help with her medical expenses, Haynesworth’s assistant suggested that she see one of the NFL physicians (now, you know that is wrong!). To add insult to injury, Mena has had to file for Medicaid to cover expenses related to her pregnancy. Hmmm. I know, I know. Most people will automatically assume that this woman is just out for money. But the evidence does show she is carrying his child. And I hate when people say a woman has gotten pregnant on purpose. She may have wanted to get pregnant, but based on the biology of human beings, he contributed. What do you think?

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