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EXCLUSIVE: Michelle Willaims Tells Us “It’s All Love” Between Kelly Rowland & Beyonce

Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child is in town for The Purple Party at The House of Blues, and we of course wanted to ask a few questions, mainly just one question: what’s going on between Kelly Rowland and Beyonce. Michelle Williams is down to earth and very comfortable around people, so our own Corey J decides to ask her about Kelly Rowland and Beyonce. Her first response before he even finished the question was, “Gone Boy Gone, Get out here!” Michelle Williams already knew where we were going with the question, then after some laughter and a few I’m just playing her true response was, “It’s all love between us, nothing but love.”

As sweet as Michelle Williams is with her fans, she had a few choice words for her manager who screwed up her performance and playlist. Michelle Williams cuts her performance short, walks off stage upset, and goes in on her manager while people wait just outside the dressing room door. Apparently she wanted to do a tribute to her idol Chakan Khan. After she peforms snippets of songs from Destiny’s Child, and a few of her solo projects, she stopped and said, “Y’all don’t have my music.” She then looked at the fans and said, “That’s all I can do, they don’t have my music. I left it on my ipod, how can you not have my music.” She walks off stage clearly upset. Apparently it was her manger who failed to get the music to the DJ, and I’m guessing it will never happen again.

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