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EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Kai Morae; Lisa Raye’s Daughter: Reveals Secret Behind The Kisses; Being A Full Figure Girl

MrsGrapevine.com had the pleasure of interviewing Kai Morae from the reality show Lisa Raye: The Real McCoy. Kai Morae is Lisa Raye’s daughter and she’s entering the world of modeling and acting. In Part 1 of our interview, Kai talks candidly and openly with us about her family life, those infamous mother and daughter kisses, as well as maintaining her self-esteem as a full figured woman in Hollywood. Although she and her mother are close, she’s determined to make a name for herself outside her mother’s shadow.

MGV: On the reality show your mom, Lisa Raye, explains that your kisses breathe life into her. How do you feel about those kisses?


MGV: How was it doing those kisses on camera and bringing those cameras into your home?


MGV: Does that mean that you and your mom are really close? Can you talk to her about anything?


MGV: Speaking of girls reaching out to you, in one of the emails that I received, it said that you were interested in being a mentor to girls in Hollywood –talking about self-esteem issues and things of that sort. How did that become something that was your passion?


MGV: I think many people probably didn’t know you studied overseas. How has boarding school helped you to become your own woman?


MGV: So, what brought you back to the states?


Stay tuned for Part 2 of our interview where she discusses her relationship with Da Brat and her father. We also talk about her love life and who she’s dating now…

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