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Eddie Murphy Finally Sees His Child Angel Iris With Spice Girl Mel B

I am proud of Eddie Murphy for finally putting his hatred toward Melanie Brown, so that he could spend some time with his beautiful daughter, Angel Iris. Thanks to Eddie’s ex-wife Nicole Mitchell Murphy, Eddie Murphy decides to reconcile his differences with ex-fling, to celebrate Angle Iris’s third birthday. It only took three years, but late is always better than never in these types of cases…

angle mealnie brown eddie murphy Eddie Murphy Finally Sees His Child Angel Iris With Spice Girl Mel B

Check out the details of the reunion when you keep reading. I take back all those horrible things I said about Eddie, not really, but I do like him more today:

But it looks like he’s had a change of heart. Our source says he hosted a bash at his L.A. compound last week, and Brown, her husband, Stephen Belafonte, and Angel, her 3-year-old daughter with Murphy, were in attendance.

“Eddie’s ex-wife NicoleĀ helped them reconcile their issues, too,” the insider said of Murphy’s ex-wife, with whom he has six kids. “Angel is Eddie’s youngest child, and Nicole wanted her children to know her. That helped Eddie to come around and get past all the animosity he had toward Mel.

“All of the children were there for the party, and it appeared that they’re one big happy, blended family,” the source added.

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  1. *Riley from Boondocks voice* BOOOOOOOO Eddie Murphy is STILL wack! 3 years later Eddie?? Really??? U better be there for ur daughter dammit, u’re a total stranger to her now! At least it’s sooner than later ‘cuz 3 is still pretty young, so hopefully he makes up for his inexcusable absence

  2. Eddie needs to help Mel B because she seems kind og unstable other then it comes to showing off her body… Eddie also has issues as well but seems very close to his other children..

  3. I find it horrible what he has done, and is made worse by staring and making movies for strangers children, when he cant make time for his own. How many crazy people has he entertained over the years when he should have been looking after and taking responsiblity for his child. If he was tricked then I find it pathetic to then have a 3 year sulk before you see your child. Whatever Mell may or may not have done, he has cleary not behaved like the man he should have been. I cant even watch films he is in i.e shrek as it is completey hypocritical of him.

  4. I did not got see Eddies last movie “1000 words” because I don’t like the man anymore.I don’t know how he could take care of his six kids,but not the 7th.I’m glad that Melondy at least found someone else who loves her and Angel.He is a great step dad figure to Angel.And at Least Mel B gets 50,000 a month in child support for Angel.That is enough to take care of all her and all of her kids.If I was getting 50,000 in child support and had a great man and new dad for my kids I wouldn’t even think about the ex.I wish I was getting that much money each month.

  5. Nicole Murphy………You are my newest favorite celebrity. Love your look, your style and YOU! You are one of the baddest b’s (with a smile) in Hollywood. Go head on with your bad self!

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