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Cops After Siohvaughn, Dwayne Wade’s Wife For Failure To Appear

Siohvaughn Wade has failed to show up in court for a mandatory court hearing just days after releasing salacious claims regarding her soon to be ex-husband Dwayne Wade and his “girlfriend” Gabrielle Union. According to TMZ, the judge ordered po-pos to find and deliver Siohvaughn to court or to jail:

Details of the court order when you “continue reading” something tells me Siohvaughn is under some “mental” stress and may need to take a vacation at the psych ward…

Earlier today, Siohvaughn Wade had blown off a court hearing in Chicago regarding her ongoing divorce war with the Miami Heat star — so the judge threatened to issue a body attachment order unless she showed up in the afternoon.

The deadline came and went — and Siohvaughn never showed.

Now, the judge has issued the order — which means cops will now seek her out, take her into custody … and deliver her to the judge.

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