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Chris Brown V Sandra Rose: Celeb & Blogger Beef Gets Ugly

Chris Brown goes in on Sandra Rose via twitter, and Sandra Rose returns the favor with her blog. I don’t know what sparked the match, but if we’re putting bets down, my money is on Sandra Rose. If anyone knows how to “find” things, it’s Sandra Rose. She will have Chris Brown on the internet cross-dressing while riding a horse on the streets of San Francisco.

Chris Brown got in a few punches (oooh no pun intended at all), but Sandra Rose brought up a good point. Why hasn’t Chris Brown dated in brown skin girls publicly? I’m sure brown skin girls are buying his albums, too.  I know there are some attractive “video” models out there with more color. Drake and Bow Wow managed to find them one. Maybe it has to do with preferences…

More tweets when you continue reading…

Oh, but it’s not over, read what Sandra Rose had to say in response. [click here]

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