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Alexis Houston, Self-Claimed Cousin of Whitney Houston, Used To Be a Man

If you’re confused by the headline–don’t worry, so am I.  I will try to break it down for you. Ok, here we go.  Alexis Houston, a singer and producer, just recently made headlines because she was rumored to be having an affair with the married Today Show host, Matt Lauer.  In a press conference last week, Alexis denied the relationship with Lauer.

Here’s where it gets sticky.  Alexis Houston was formerly known as Wellington Houston, a man, and alleged cousin of Whitney Houston.  In 1996, Whitney sued Alexis, who was then Wellington, for falsely claiming to be related and using the Houston name to defraud a New York doctor of $100,000 with credit cards and forged checks. As for Whitney’s Cousin, Whitney’s rep tells E!,  “Alexis Houston has no relation to Whitney in any way, shape or form.” That’s strange because there is a picture of Alexis and Dionne Warwick on Alexis’ myspace page that’s labeled “Me and My cousin Dionne.”

More about this strange story and a pic of Alexis and Dionne Warwick…

Alexis‘ true surname is Stuart. A friend who has known Alexis for years said that Alexis had undergone a sex change operation three years ago.  A man Alexis claimed to have married paid for the operation.  Still confused? I am too. But if you’re interested in hearing Alexis sing, check out her website at www.alexishouston.com.   You be the judge because I am sitting here at a lost for words.

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