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Celebrity Death

Actress Lena Horne Dies At The Age Of 92

Actress/Singer Lena Horne is dead at the lovely age of 92. She lived a long full life, and she will be greatly missed. I use to admire this woman, and I can’t tell you why specifically. Her presence and class was so great that it was hard not to. She was and is a very beautiful woman. My favorite memory of Lena Horne is when she plays the Good Witch in The Wiz, and sings “Belive in Yourself”. I love musicals, and The Wiz is one of my favorite movies of all time.

Here are a few facts about Ms. Horne. Back when she started it was hard to break the color barrier, and as fair as she was she was still treated with racism and bigotry. However, Lena Horne was a fighter and she stood up for desegregation in the US Army by refusing to perform to segregated audiences in the army. She was also a member of Delta Sigms Theta, Inc.

Here is a video of Lena Horne in appearance on The Cosby Show. Rest In Peace.

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