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Pack Your Bags, It’s Time To Leave Him

Posted by on May 27, 2010 in Celebrity News, Relationships, Sharron Todd | 8 comments

Part 4 of 4: How to Leave a Cheater

angela bassett waiting l1 Pack Your Bags, Its Time To Leave Him

Do I think people are perfect? Absolutely not.  Do I think that people can slip up and make mistakes? Absolutely.  But I’ve never, and never will categorize cheating as a mistake.  It takes a concerted effort and a conscious choice to take another woman home, undress her and then yourself, lie down, get physical, lie and keep secrets.  For all the biological reasons, the philosophical excuses and the social justifications that have been force fed to generations of jaded women—cheating on someone comes down to a choice.

Leaving someone you love is difficult. No one expects that you’re a robot programmed to leave as soon as your partner cheats.  But hopefully there is enough love of yourself to give you the energy to get up and go when someone shows they can’t be trusted in your relationship.

First, start with your toothbrush.  Yep, your toothbrush. 

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Janet Jackson Body Bangin Last Night On American Idol

Posted by on May 27, 2010 in Celebrity Concert, TV Shows | 4 comments

I can’t wait to be a cougar, if only I can be like Janet Jackson last night on American Idol. Janet was in this catsuit and I don’t know if  she was trying to send a message to ex, Jermaine Dupri, but she came out with the “siss boom bang”. Not only did she show off her new haircut, but her body was banging, and her voice was so precise she almost sounded like Michael Jackson. She killed it last night! Check out the video of her performance below, and check out pics of her catsuit after that jump.

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Alexis Houston, Self-Claimed Cousin of Whitney Houston, Used To Be a Man

Posted by on May 27, 2010 in Celebrity News | 10 comments

If you’re confused by the headline–don’t worry, so am I.  I will try to break it down for you. Ok, here we go.  Alexis Houston, a singer and producer, just recently made headlines because she was rumored to be having an affair with the married Today Show host, Matt Lauer.  In a press conference last week, Alexis denied the relationship with Lauer.

Here’s where it gets sticky.  Alexis Houston was formerly known as Wellington Houston, a man, and alleged cousin of Whitney Houston.  In 1996, Whitney sued Alexis, who was then Wellington, for falsely claiming to be related and using the Houston name to defraud a New York doctor of $100,000 with credit cards and forged checks. As for Whitney’s Cousin, Whitney’s rep tells E!,  “Alexis Houston has no relation to Whitney in any way, shape or form.” That’s strange because there is a picture of Alexis and Dionne Warwick on Alexis’ myspace page that’s labeled “Me and My cousin Dionne.”

Alexis Houston1 Alexis Houston, Self Claimed Cousin of Whitney Houston, Used To Be a Man

More about this strange story and a pic of Alexis and Dionne Warwick…

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Mariah Carey Bows Out of Tyler Perry Movie–Is She Pregnant?

Posted by on May 27, 2010 in Celebrity News | Comments Off

Marey Carey was slated to appear in Tyler Perry’s upcoming movie that is scheduled to start shooting in June. Perry is doing a movie adaptation of Ntozake Shange’s 1975 play For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Is EnufCarey has pulled out of the film amidst pregnancy rumors that have been surrounding her and her husband, Nick Cannon.

People.com asked why Carey has mysteriously dropped out and her publicist, Cindy Berger, said, “I’m not at liberty to discuss her personal life at this time.”  Hmmm. Sounds a bit shady.  It doesn’t necessarily mean that Carey’s pregnant, but something’s going on.

Mariah Carey performs during concer Mariah Carey Bows Out of Tyler Perry Movie  Is She Pregnant?

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