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EXCLUSIVE Tweets: Is There A Tiny & Toya Beef?

Posted by on May 13, 2010 in Celebrity Beef, Celebrity News, Relationships, Rumor Control, TV Shows | 9 comments

tiny toya 1 EXCLUSIVE Tweets: Is There A Tiny & Toya Beef? The answer is NO! Last season I wrote a few behind the scenes exclusives regarding  drama between Joy Bounds (Life Jennings ex), Tameka Tiny Cottle, and Toya Carter. Joy Bounds basically accused Tiny and Toya of stealing her reality show idea, amongst other things (read back story here). Tiny contacted me to set the record straight but the interview didn’t happen due to some “scheduling” reasons.

Yesterday, I  received another tip regarding some jealousy and beef brewing between Tiny and Toya over the fact that Toya received her own TV show, while Tiny was left out. The reason I ran last season’s story is because I felt there was some validity to Joy Bound’s claims. The reason I will NOT run this new story is because someone is trying knock the pedestal from under Tiny & Toya, and I do NOT want to be apart of that. I respect black women branding themselves and becoming a business, a business not dependent on a man, or a famous ex. So, I’m actually happy that Antonia Carter has created her own path.

Anyway, I received some exclusive tweets that Tiny wrote regarding Toya. These tweets were sent as evidence that Tiny is jealous of Toya, and Toya wouldn’t be anything if it wasn’t for Tiny.

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Heidi Montag Calls Mom Psychotic; Request A Straining Order Against Her

Posted by on May 13, 2010 in Celebrity Beef, Celebrity Couples, Celebrity Crimes, Celebrity Family, Celebrity News | 11 comments

Heidi Montag has officially lost her doggone mind, along with her demon spawn of a husband Spencer Pratt. Heidi’s mom, Darlene Egelhoff,  showed up at the couples house unannounced and Spencer and Heidi called the cops on her. Apparently, they are mad that Heidi’s mom told her the truth about her stupid plastic surgery on national TV. I don’t know how they can be mad at the truth. Heidi’s mom is a  lot nicer than I would have been, if I had a daughter who let some idiot talk her into plastic surgery all for the sake of publicity.

Heidi Montag new face2 Heidi Montag Calls Mom Psychotic; Request A Straining Order Against Her

TMZ has all the details of the altercation while it was taking place:

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*UPDATE* Miley Cyrus Dropping It Like It’s Hot On Director; Giving Lap Dances At 16

Posted by on May 13, 2010 in Celebrity News, Celebrity Party, Embarassing Moments, Videos | 16 comments

Miley Cyrus dad responds to the video of his daughter grinding on a grown man, and you WILL NOT believe his answers. When I did bad things it was behind my parents back, not with their consent. SMH!

Billy Ray Cyrus is blowing off the controversy over his then 16-year-old daughter Miley Cyrus grinding on a 44-year-old man — saying, “It’s what people her age do.”Papa Billy says Miley was just “having fun.”

After seeing Miley Cyrus’ new video, mind you she’s only 17, I have to wonder where is her parents in her decision making? I don’t understand the parents of Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, and now Miley Cyrus, who pimp their children out to sale albums. This new video of Miley Cyrus however  takes the cake. I know we have all done a little dirty dancing (freakin’) in our day with our peers, but why is Miley Cyrus doing grown women things with her 44-year old Director, Adam Shankman. Granted he is gay, but she’s giving him a lap dance likes she’s a pro.

You better best believe that Sonia, Brandy’s mom and manager, wouldn’t have her daughter dancing like a stripper for sales. I thought kids only did this when they didn’t have a father figure…Read the details of the incident when you continue…

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Would You Pay $217,000 For A Jay-Z Autograph

Posted by on May 13, 2010 in Celebrity Charity, Celebrity News | 3 comments

Jay-Z along with a few other stars were asked to place their John Hancock on the back of an Audemars Piguet watch to raise money to help battle the AIDS epidemic. In a special charity titled Time to Give, celebs such as Jay-Z, Meryl Streep, Antonio Banderas, Whoopi Goldberg, Hugh Jackman, and Catherine Zeta-Jones teamed up with the watch designer, Audemars Piguet and the Tony Awards to create custom limited edition watches. Each watch is etched with each celebs autograph for an exclusive auction at Charity Buzz designed to raise money to support Broadway Cares.

Jay-Z was invited to participate because he’s one of the producers of the Broadway hit musical, Fela. Jay-Z’s watch is a Royal Oak Offshore Las Vegas Tourbillon Limited Edition valued at $217, 800.

If you have some coins in the bank, you can bid on the auction here.  The current bid is $150,000. What does a $200,000 watch look like: (must be nice)

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According To Tameka Foster: Usher V Is Just Like His Daddy

Posted by on May 13, 2010 in Celebrity Exes, Celebrity Kids | 1 comment

Tameka Foster Raymond writes a piece on her children, and because it’s not about Usher or a lot of drama it hasn’t gotten much press. I’m not a Tameka fan by any means, but I thought it was cute how she talks about each of her boys personality, especially Usher Raymond V. Tameka writes a blog thanking God for each one of her five boys, and you can read it after the jump below:

usher usher v beach miami2 According To Tameka Foster: Usher V Is Just Like His Daddy

Read how she describes her fourth son Usher V, and tell me, he doesn’t sound like an mini-Usher:

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