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TV Show The Game Is Back On The Air With New Episodes?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the TV show The Game may be coming to BET soon. It looks as if CBS Studios and BET have reached a licensing deal, which will start production on a new season of The Game. Derwin (Pooch Hall) and Girl Mel (Tia Mowry) are coming back for another season. I may be the only one tired of reality TV, and so I can’t wait.

thegameseason3episode20 TV Show The Game Is Back On The Air With New Episodes?

BET is inching closer to finalizing the deals for a new “Game.

The cable network is expected to announce at its upfront presentation this month that it is resurrecting the CW sitcom with original episodes.

The majority of the cast of “The Game,” created by Mara Brock Akil, are expected to return.

Because the options on the actors had expired following the show’s cancellation in May, BET had to negotiate new deals with them.

The network is expected to take lead in the production of the new episodes, with CBS Studios, which was behind “Game” when it was on CW, licensing the show to BET. {Source 2}

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  1. Can’t wait for the new episodes!!! So excited!

    • @IAMTHEHOTNESS, we are still waiting on a date to see the hottest show

      • @Jameshia, I love the show one of my favs can,t wait for it to come back on

      • @, woooooow i,m so happy i’ve been waiting for this season for a very very very long time woooot woooot

    • I cannot wait until the new season starts i have been wacthing rerun one after another even though i still know what is going to happen love it

      • @friga, i do too, i just can’t believe they waited this long to come back, it was killing me. But im like you i watch all the reruns over and over again i love this show!

      • @Lilia, I stayed up late last night to see them on the Monique show then the Wendy Williams show Today is the Day

    • @IAMTHEHOTNESS, I was so mad when the cancel the show… Can’t wait for the new season to start… woo hoo!!!!


  2. I love this show. Im sooo happy!

  3. i want the game to come back real soon

  4. please come back

  5. I love this show!!! Can’t wait to watch more

  6. When is the new show coming back on



  9. i love this showww!!!!!! i cant wait!!!! im gunna watch it and dvr just to watch it over and over!!

  10. i cant wait until the new season of the game returns cuz im their biggest fan

  11. Domino72,I love this show the ending kept me wanting more can,t wait for the new season,Hurry Hurry!!!!!!!!!

  12. I love the show!!!!!!!

  13. Love it!!!

  14. I’m so glad the game is coming back on I love that show and so many more do also.

  15. I LLLLLLooooovveee this show, thank you thank you for bringing it back BET loveyall

  16. I really enjoy watch the game I think I enjoy it because it really hits the heart like I can really feel where girl mel an derwin is coming from I really can relate to the reality that they are dealing with. But the real reason I love this show is because I’m dealing with tha same situation as melanie an derwin so I wanna see wats gonna happen nxt an see if that determines wat happens in my relationship!!!!!…xoxo I love “the game”can’t wait til 1/11/11..lol all those ones

    • @nieisha riley, i can to relate with you i feel the same way about the show.Every time I watch I picture me in Melanie’s spot and in my relationship is just like theirs.:)

  17. I also wanted to say that I really can’t wait to see if janay’s baby is really derwins but to spice up everything the baby shouldn’t be his can anyone else agree with that?


  18. I luv the game please hurry up n put bck on Im the number 1 fan

  19. Hurry hurry hurry

  20. Wat day n channel hopefully not friday in my opinion that’s y the show didn’t get many ratings wrong day

    • @lakishamo,

      Tuesday January 11 on BET

  21. Please bring the show back, nothing good to watch

  22. Omg..!! I so can’t wate.

  23. At wat time mrs grapevine n if this is one of u from the show cast me trust me u won’t b sorry ill make the show even more interesting

    • @lakishamo,

      You have to check your local listing, but probably 9et/8c…Less than two months to go!!!!

  24. Omg I’m so excited I watch the reruns everyday on bet I mean everday n ive seen every episode but continue to watch my husband always have complaints wen we had one tv we used to argue

  25. So this is one of u

  26. please bring the show back…yeah…

  27. Omg!!!!I am so happy .I love the show. I cant wait till it starts.I wouldnt miss it for the world.Im going to throw a party on its premiere day.:)
    Thank you BET for bringing it back.

  28. Been watchin re runs since it went off. Its like a dream come true. Cnt wait!!!

  29. I love this show w a glass of white zidfindell

  30. I cannot wait until the new season starts i wacth rerun one after another even though i know what is going to happen love it

  31. cant wait for the new season and hope is worth ta waiting… been watching re runs and still love it.. hope ta new season Mel and derwin have a child together, awww….

  32. I love the show. It’s very funny but they took on serious subjects. I was laughed and pee peed a bit and a cried. I’m ready for the roller coaster ride…I hope every body comes back. I wonder where the show will pick up?

  33. Opps.. type o …I laughed ….not I was laughed …how do you spell urinating,.(slang) pea or pee ?

  34. I love the game tv show it’s funny the charcters on their make me laugh I felt bad when they went off the air but now they coming back on the air I can’t wait to see the new episodes

  35. i seriously want the game to reair because, i want to know if that’s his baby i just can’t beleve it she was trying to hard to have a football player.

  36. omg ur my biggest fan derwin ur awsome keep tryin on football and melane i hope ur alright cuz she shouldnt broke yall 2 couples apart:(

  37. Wow. I thought once a show goes off the air…..that’s it! This is great news. I have been seeing the “I’m back” commercials but never read the details…. I assumed it was for reruns. THIS IS GREAT!!!! I need to go buy the dvds of the other seasons.

  38. omg can’t wait love it.

  39. I really enjoy “The Game.” I remember when it really was not that popular and I felt like I was the only one watching it. I don’t know how everyone caught on, but they did. By the way, check out my blog: http://jaspeg.blogspot.com/…Thanks for the support!

  40. I am so glad the game will be showing again I wrk so I will be recording every episode

  41. i am so excited that the game is finally back on tv. To tell you the truth I know myself and many others were so upset that it was canceled! This show needs to be on for years to come! Cant wait to see the cast back! welcome back home ya’ll welcome back home!

  42. Thank god its coming back on because that ending where Darwin and Mel didnt even get to have the proper wedding cuz of the baby, noooooo i couldnt live knowing that was the END! (gasp) so happy!

  43. OMG! I cannot wait! I am super excited to see The Game come back on T.V. and Tuesday night is a great night! Yippeee!

  44. I enjoy watching the game!!! & is very happy BET is going to renew the show for the audiences’ viewing pleasure, Thx, BET & cast of “The Game.”


  46. im sooo happy that the game is coming back… i hope tht baby isnt Derwins so him and girl Mel can be happy.. I cant wait my family planning family nite for the 11th.. we havent did this since back in the day thursday nite the cosby show different world and cheers.. we cant wait.. i hope it last forever…. Thank u BET

  47. I am soo excitedd for seasonn 4 ! They neverrr should of cancelledd thiss showw !! it was an amazingg showw:)
    Thank you BET for bringing back good tv!

  48. OMG ! I so love this show.I can’t wait for the new season. It is so amazingly unrealistic but luv it! luv it!

  49. yeah its on me and my girls plan to have a game party with wine and finger foods and we all will be dressed to impress with heels and if you want to join you must be looking fly

  50. So happy they brought it back but they are ruining it!! Its way too dramatic! Hate what they did to Kelly’s character, and Tasha is too much now! This show USED to be funny. Now its like a soap opera. Hope they fix this and the game back to what it used to be….

    • @DT, This show is “HOTT”. After they do anyother 1,2, or maybe 3 hundred episodes. We need the movie. The Game shows alot of the real essence of African American altheletes, doing their thing. I Love it. Good acting.

  51. omg ii am iin looovvveee wiith the show ii cant waiit to watch iits very dramatic,romantic,and all that good stuff.

    • @dis is jordyn, it sho is

  52. I AM SO GLAD THAT THE GAME HAS CAME BACK SO DONT YOU EVER MISS THE SHOWS …:)cant wait always on tuesdays @1o o clock…..lol

    • @jordyn, u got that right gir

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