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Rihanna Rushed To The Emergency Room At Swiss Hospital – Injured Rib

Rihanna was rushed to a nearby Swiss hospital and treated for symptoms relating to rib injury she acquired before the tour began. The singer performed to a sold out crowd in Zurich, and after her concert Rihanna was feeling some pain, and decided to go to the hospital for precautionary reasons. She is not dying! After 2 hours she was released…

We found out what was ailing Rihanna, and her hospital trip was little more than a case of being more safe than sorry. Her rep tells E! News that the singer was suffering from an injured rib and went to the emergency room to make sure it was nothing serious. It wasn’t. Rihanna’s “OK,” and the tour is “great,” the publicist says. {Source}

The European tabloids and twitter had me believing this girl had a miscarriage or something serious like a near death experience.

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