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Monica “Danger” Leon Schizophrenia Crazy?

Is Monica DangeDanger Monica Leon mugshot Monica Danger Leon Schizophrenia Crazy?r Leon inflicted with Schizophrenia? Well according to Bossip she is, and a “secret source” reveals it:

A source reveals that Danger is completely out of her right mind and refuses to take her medication.  Danger who was diagnosed with Schizophrenia is required to take about 3 medications in order to remain in a calm state.  Apparently she hasn’t been doing so.

Although the source says Monica is very talented and a “modern day hippie” her crazy antics and lies are ruining her life. It’s gotten so bad that people aren’t even working with her anymore because she’s so unstable.

I think we all have come to the conclusion that Danger is mentally unstable, but some of us thought she was trying to get publicity for a new reality show. Mental disease is serious, and I don’t know if Danger has schizophrenia or a bi-polar disorder, but we all know she is inflicted with some form of mental disease. After all she’s been placed on psych hold several times.

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One Comment

  1. You’re right. Mental illness is NO JOKE. I feel badly for her. I really do. I know a person who is bi-polar and doesn’t take her meds, mainly because she says that she feels more “spaced out” and doesn’t feel normal. She actually prefers having the erratic behavior (at times) because she says at least she feels alive. :(

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