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Kim Kardashian Moves Out Of Reggie’s House

Kim Kardashian Reggie Bush Costa Rica2 230x300 Kim Kardashian Moves Out Of Reggies HouseWe have been hearing rumors that Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush may get back together, but according to Life & Style, Kim is ready to move on from Reggie Bush, and out of his 5.1 million dollar home, the coupleĀ  shared for eight months. Don’t worry Kimmy Cakes recently purchased a 5-bedroom house that she will be moving into soon.

Kim tearfully packed her bags and walked out of Reggie’s house and life. In the wake of allegations that Reggie cheated on her, the reality star hightailed it to Miami, where she put on a brave face.

All the while, work was being completed on the five-bedroom Mediterranean-style Beverly Hills villa Kim recently purchased. She plans to move into the house in early April, an insider reveals, and put her troubled relationship behind her. “Kim’s not heartbroken,” the insider tells Life & Style. “Her attitude’s healthy.” She takes some measure of peace in knowing that she gave it her all. “They split for a while, then they tried their best to make it work again,” the insider adds. “It didn’t work. They remain friends.” {Source}

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  1. Enough of this off n on relationship..call it a day..he doesn’t want to give u a ring..move on

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