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Kelly Rowland ReKindles Friendship With LeToya Luckett

Kelly Rowland reached out to LeToya Luckett to rekindle their friendship. Something tells me, Kelly Rowland now understands what it was like for LeToya and LaTavia when they were kicked out of Destiny’s Child. In a recent interview with Honey Magazine LeToya talks about the pain of losing her friends, and how Kelly Rowland has reached out to her after a recent reunion:

LeToya Luckett Alter Ego Derek Blanks Kelly Rowland ReKindles Friendship With LeToya Luckett

[Photo Credit: Derek Blanks]

Read some excerpts from LeToya’s interview with Honey Magazine:

I wasn’t upset about losing a chance to go to the Grammy’s or any celebrity perks. It was the loss of the friendship that was difficult. That was the hardest part of the separation. These girls [Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, LaTavia Roberson] were my friends from elementary school. We went to church together, we hung out together.

To go from that to sitting across from each other in a courtroom and going through all that law stuff, was just crazy. You just kind of look at each other differently. That’s when I realized that the friendship had died. Figuring out how we were going to split assets and profits and all of that felt like a divorce. Right after the break up, I went to stay with my friend in Atlanta who had me in church Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I was developing my relationship with God. It helped me understand that I didn’t create my path. I wasn’t stressing, I wasn’t worrying. I was just praying and letting Him reveal what he had for me.

Recently, I ran into Kelly and we got to catch up briefly. It was one of those things where you never know how the other person is going to react. But it was relaxed. I think we’ve both gotten to the age where it’s like, Girl please! She even hit me up the other day to let me know she was traveling. I would love to have a close friendship again, but that’s on God’s time. {Source}

Go over to Honey Magazine because their is a lot more, LeToya talks about dating Matt Kemp before he dated Rihanna.

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  1. Ok what I really need to know what is with the relationship between kelly and beyonce.

    • @Canigetawhat,

      That’s the million dollar question, and Michelle Williams will be here, and we will definitely ask, and see if we can get a straight answer.

    • @Canigetawhat,

      Michelle Williams wouldn’t comment on it, she just said, “it’s all love”

  2. Letoya is such a kind person. Didn’t hold animosity or anything. Cause if someone did me like that, I ‘d be like b*tch please towards beyonkey, kellogg’s and michellin. Toodles.

    • @Umm,


    • @Umm, LMBO!! Thats a good one!! well said!!!

  3. I agree with Canigetawhat:

    What’s going on with Kelly and Beyoncé?!

    • @Lia,

      No one’s talking, but believe me I’m asking.

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