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*UPDATE* Nelly Catches Stacks In A Lie Live!Kat Stacks Is Going To End Up Dead!

PLEASE NOTE: Kat Stacks is NOT dead. She is alive and you can follow her on twitter @ihatekatstacks (appropriately named).

What’s sadder than sleeping with famous men for money, lying about sleeping with famous men for money. Kat Stacks and Nelly went head to head on the radio (Shade 45’s VIP Saturdays). Kat Stacks claimed to have been in a two month relationship with rapper Nelly, but couldn’t name any of the places they’ve been, and more importantly she didn’t even recognize his voice. She was talking to him on the radio for two minutes, before the host told Miss Stacks it was Nelly on the line conducting the interview. (That must have been a quiet relationship). *crickets*

Kat Stacks is in this video drunk in the back of a car full of men. The men film her then drop her off on the side of the road like trash. This is not going to end well at all for Miss Stacks. This video is all over twitter!

Someone needs to do an intervention with Kat Stacks fast because this video couldn’t have ended worst than it did. People who say they cool with the fast life usually end up high or drunk to mass their true feeling. I’m like Nelly, this girl needs help, and it’s no longer funny. She’s messing with the wrong type of men, and soon enough she’s going to catch a ghost. Sad thing is, if she comes up raped, beaten, dead or missing, there are too many suspects to even solve the case (This will be an SVU episode). I may have to tweet Miss Jia and ask her to put Kat Stacks on the intervention list with Maia Campbell.

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