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Chris Brown & Bow Wow Twitter Beef: Jokes & Jokes & Jokes

Chris Brown and Bow Wow are just as cute as Brandy and Kelly Rowland. I don’t know which set of BFFs I like the most!

Chris Brown and Bow Wow were on twitter engaged in faux-twitter beef with a few¬† “your wifey jokes”. I must say Chris Brown has a good sense of humor, but all Bow Wow had to do was hit Chris Brown with that sad looking photo from his last spread with Flaunt Magazine, and I would have called it for Team Bow Wow!

Chris Brown sad photo shoot Chris Brown & Bow Wow Twitter Beef: Jokes & Jokes & Jokes


Anyway check out the tweets when you continue reading…

Tweets from Bow Wow to Breezy:

@chrisbrown im tipsy ima get off before i go too ham. Ps ill never wife up a video hoe and take her to a basketball game #youcandobetterchris

@chrisbrown you should go to bed now. Thats the smart thing to do. Ur tweets are boring jus like ur spring bling performance.

@too bad yours is catching grand slams at a dodger stadium #3strikes2balls

Not to be out done Chris Brown hit back with a few good ones, too:

Chris Brown Bow Wow Beef Twitter Chris Brown & Bow Wow Twitter Beef: Jokes & Jokes & Jokes

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  1. It’s all in fun, leave at that they are being young and silly dont put a negative spin to this.Actualy happy to see that they can joke w/ each other about this type of stuff as most “friends” do anyway.

    • @eisha,

      Not sure where the negative spin is. If you’re talking about the picture, then that’s just funny. He does looks sad, and Chris Brown has a sense of humor, even when it’s about him.

  2. No one is putting a negative spin on anything.. I think those pictures of Chris Brown for Flaunt magazine are cute, but those pants are little too tight!

  3. It’s good to be young and enjoying yourself. I too think that Chris Brown has a sense of humor, I remember him saying something about tmz being on their job when he was asked about their posts on him. He made a mistake but it doesn’t mean that he should stop livining.I’m wishing that he will have more fun days in his life and glad to see that Bow is a true friend!

  4. This is why Chris is appealing because of his sense of humor. Im sure thats what got him through sometimes, being able to laugh and have fun. He’s right some of these celebs are too sensetive and uptight. This is the first site that poste what chris said as well an said they were jokes. Some sites tried to use it as if they were having a real beef or that chris just let bow wow roast him.

  5. Thats funny

  6. chris is so sexy

  7. hey bowwow an chris are funny
    but not my type and have way UGLY

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  11. I think they both fine ,I mean dam they got good sense of humor but look at they pretty faces, and bodies. and all yall care about is The humor come on, the reason why bowwow soooooooo dam short is cause he was working out at that height.when you work out wat Eva height you are when u work out thats yo damn height,working out stops yo growth it regulates all yo muscles and I like Chris brown white hair if u don’t then kiss his beautiful light skin ass and nobody well Eva Eva Eva Eva eva eva Eva Eva pimp my babies Chris brown and bowwow

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