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Chris Brown & Bow Wow Twitter Beef: Jokes & Jokes & Jokes

Chris Brown and Bow Wow are just as cute as Brandy and Kelly Rowland. I don’t know which set of BFFs I like the most!

Chris Brown and Bow Wow were on twitter engaged in faux-twitter beef with a few  “your wifey jokes”. I must say Chris Brown has a good sense of humor, but all Bow Wow had to do was hit Chris Brown with that sad looking photo from his last spread with Flaunt Magazine, and I would have called it for Team Bow Wow!


Anyway check out the tweets when you continue reading…

Tweets from Bow Wow to Breezy:

@chrisbrown im tipsy ima get off before i go too ham. Ps ill never wife up a video hoe and take her to a basketball game #youcandobetterchris

@chrisbrown you should go to bed now. Thats the smart thing to do. Ur tweets are boring jus like ur spring bling performance.

@too bad yours is catching grand slams at a dodger stadium #3strikes2balls

Not to be out done Chris Brown hit back with a few good ones, too:

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