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Are Blogs Too Mean? Brandy & Necole Bitchie Chime In On Negativity

When I get a chance to read blogs (not searching for scoop but really reading), there are few blogs that I like to enjoy because I like reading the comments. Well, I was perusing Necole Bitchie and she posted her thoughts on a blog post that Brandy wrote on Vibe.com. Brandy’s post talked about the negativity that she receives on most blogs that rips everything about her from her looks to the tragic car incident she was involved in. This is not the first time we heard celebrities say this (Gabrielle Union), but this is the first time that it has hit home for me.

I’m a very strong person, but some of those things that people say about me on blogs make me cry. I don’t like it. And what’s so frustrating is that I don’t get a chance to retaliate. Because y’all are not posting y’all pictures on the blogs. I can’t respond and I can’t be negative back because that’s just not me.But sometimes some of the things that people say about me and my best friends and people that I care about, like my brother and Kelly Rowland, I want to go in on those people, but I can’t. But that stuff hurts. It really hurts.

I was just talking to Kelly the other day about something I saw on MediaTakeOut about somebody else that we knew. And then she was like, “Well I am not going on MediaTakeOut. I’m not even gonna go there.” But it wasn’t about us so I felt like it was cool for her to just go check it out to make sure because it was somebody we knew. She said, “I’m not going on there, I don’t want to go there.”

As a blogger it’s hard being positive all the time because you do deal with people being foolish just for the sake of publicity. When blogs are positive they are not rewarded the same as blogs that are negative because they’re not as popular. Instead of seeking out those blogs like Brown Sista, many celebs choose to conduct interviews with the very blogs that call them out of their names. As much as they hate the negativity, they have to also realize they benefit from the publicity. They make money from it, as well and they gain die hard fans who fight on their behalf. I understand the hurt and pain, but some of us deal with the same issues without a paycheck with six zeros. Honestly, celebrities talk and gossip about other celebrities, Brandy just admitted it in her example about Media Take Out.

Necole Bitchie had this to say in response to Brandy and other celebs who feel like the haters are just out of pocket with the comments:

As a blog owner, I do attempt to shy away from attacking someone’s physical appearance. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I try not to say whether I think someone needs to lose weight, or change their hair up, or whether their chin is too big or too small, etc because I feel like it creates and magnifies the insecurities of these celebs..that I don’t even know. (I will say if your record sucks though) No matter how high you think your self-esteem is, it would hurt anyone to log on to a website and see a 100 comments ripping everything about them from their hair, to their eyebrows to a scar on their leg they may have gotten when they were younger.

I know it hurts, because as a blogger that has had NO ISSUES with revealing my photos and who I am…it hurts me when people say bad things about me. I’m human! And although I may not necessarily drag people through the mud, what I won’t say…somebody else will.

Last, but not least, sometimes the negativity is just good advice, like people saying baby hair and lacefronts don’t mix. It’s a negative critique, but maybe there is a point to it. Sometimes we see ourselves differently than others, and sometimes the negativity is a like reflection in the mirror with some strong realities and truths to deal with, that those closest to us try to sugar coat…

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