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Somebody Explain Oprah To Me: Mo’Nique Pedophile Brother Goes On Oprah

Posted by on Apr 20, 2010 in Celebrity Crimes, Celebrity Drama, Celebrity Family, TV Shows | 9 comments

I have a real hard time understanding why Mo’Nique’s brother who molested her, and raped another teen girl can go on the Oprah Show and tell his story, but Chris Brown and other rappers are banned. Someone will have to explain that logic to me at some point…

Mo’nique reveals in an Essence interview that she was molested by her older brother four times over four years starting at the young age of seven.  Her parents did little to protect her, and now this convicted sex offender along with her parents are allowed to go on Oprah to discuss the molestation.

Honestly, I wanted to post this video earlier but I was too mad (I’m still mad). Why does this man deserve a platform of any kind?

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Why Men Cheat: Straight From The Mouths Of Men by Sharron Todd

Posted by on Apr 20, 2010 in Relationships, Sharron Todd | 76 comments

Part II:  Hear it Straight From Them:  “Why do Men Cheat?”

“A man’s guilt extends as far as the pain he causes his lover, NOT in the actions.  If the deed never comes to light, then neither does the remorse or the incentive to not do it again.”

black men cheating Why Men Cheat: Straight From The Mouths Of Men by Sharron Todd

Instead of saturating the little space that I have with my own commentary, here’s a straight up list of the top 15 reasons why men say they cheat. What’s more important in this piece is that you all share your thoughts on their reasons.  So, leave a comment and we’ll discuss it.

In no particular order:

1. “In my opinion, I think that a lot of men are as faithful as their options. Tiger Woods the pro golfer/billionaire had access to almost any and everything he wanted, including a lot of women throwing themselves at him…hence more options.” I believe that’s why you find a lot of politicians, athletes, musicians and people with money (power) cheating more.

2. “In many ways, I think men are predisposed to cheating because of our biology. Men can reproduce far more frequently than women, so there’s this primordial impulse to spread our seed.  Women on the other hand are born with all the eggs they’ll ever have and thus far more selective in choosing a mate.”

3. “I needed something to stroke my ego and she wasn’t doing it anymore…I turned to my options.”

4. “The reasons men cheat are as varied as the women they cheat on. While no two cases are exactly alike, I think that it is safe to say that men cheat for the same reason women do: because they’re unhappy.”

5. “In my lil’ Nigerian opinion, men cheat cause they WANT TO. Period.”

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