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PROOF: Tameka Foster Raymond Is Crazy…On Twitter

Posted by on Apr 8, 2010 in Celebrity Drama, Celebrity Exes, Celebrity Twitter | 10 comments

Tameka Foster shows the side of her that she always tries to hide, the crazy side that will cut a person if they give her the side-eye. When asked about Usher and his mistress turned girlfriend, Grace Miguel, Tameka went off. Now a lot people say once you get to know Tameka Foster, that she’s very nice. However, I just know the side of her that plants stories, and harass your server provider so that you will take unflattering pictures of her down, even if they been up for over a year.

Sorry, I digress, but for the first time on twitter, we get the see the Tameka Foster’s true colors. I can’t say I blame her. I would  probably have some choice words, if someone asked me about the woman who was sleeping with my husband, when I was still married to him. I can’t believe I’m defending her!

Tameka goes crazy on twitter PROOF: Tameka Foster Raymond Is Crazy...On Twitter

Sandra Rose also reports that Tameka Raymond and Usher were getting in cozy while shopping in Atlanta. Could it be, the reason for the outburst is that is still tapping his ex-wife/baby-mama.

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Usher Is Number 1 Again; Sold 329,000 Albums In First Week

Posted by on Apr 8, 2010 in Celebrity Album Release, Celebrity Music, Celebrity News, Videos | 2 comments

Usher sells 329,000 units of Raymond V. Raymond, to take this week’s top spot, knocking Justin Beiber to the number 2. 329,000 albums is not a record high for Usher who sold over a million copies of Confessions in it’s first week, but it will earn Usher his third straight Number 1 album. I think it’s all because of the Lil’ Freak song.

Erykah Badu claims the #4 slot, riding off the publicity from the Window Seat nude video. Ms. Badu moved 11o,000 units of New Amerykah Part Two: Return of the Ankh.

Raymond V Raymond1 Usher Is Number 1 Again; Sold 329,000 Albums In First Week

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Blog Claims Rihanna & Matt Kemp Are Engaged (FALSE)

Posted by on Apr 8, 2010 in Celebrity Couples, Celebrity Drama, Juicy Gossip | 4 comments

According to Bossip, they have an exclusive source that told them Matt Kemp proposed to Rihanna, and the two are now engaged. I’m thinking Rihanna can’t be that dumb silly to get married. She’s only 22 years old and at the top of her career. I get flashbacks of Brittney Spears shaving her head and holding her children hostage in the bathroom.

Rihanna and Matt are spending a lot of time together at the couples spot in L.A.. Matt surprised Rihanna last week when he approached her and asked for her hand in marriage. She said yes, but also relayed the message of feeling that this may be too soon and a long engagement should follow.

Anyway, I will countdown and wait for the official statement to be released, because I don’t believe it for a moment. If it happens to be true, then it will make for great “publicity”, but according to Gossip Cop the rumor is just purely false.

Rihanna matt Kemp Cavaliers Clippers Game Blog Claims Rihanna & Matt Kemp Are Engaged (FALSE)

It’s not true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A source close to Rihanna laughed off the report, explaining the singer is young and not tying the knot.

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