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Kelly Rowland Attends Mardi Gras Party In Sydney; Rihanna Signs Autographs In Berlin

Kelly Rowland attends a Mardi Gras Party and Kit & Kaboodle in Sydney, Australia, sporting a beautiful blue dress and a new lace front. Don’t forget to check out the accessories, the shoes, the purse, and the gloves.

Off Topic: (I’ve seen a picture of Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, I’ve seen pictures of Beyonce and Michelle Williams, but still NO pictures of Kelly and Beyonce even when they’re in the same city at the same set of events. Huh!)

[Click to Enlarge]

Rihanna has been really quiet because she’s in Berlin at the Alexa Mall signing autographs. She probably hasn’t heard the news that Jasmina’s mother is upset with her. Rihanna may have some negative publicity here in the states, but judging by the crowd in Berlin, it’s not hurting her fan base on bit.


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