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Kat Stacks Says Young Money Artist Share Women & Bunk Beds

UPDATE: Kat Stacks twitter account was hacked by Joe Budden TV, and her personal information was placed on twitter. She’s been exposed and called a liar, but the she claims the rap artist paid her to expose them for publicity. Let’s all face it, some of them need it. Too Be Continued…

Kat Stacks, is this crazy girl on twitter that makes Superhead look like a saint. She has tell all blog where she gives intimateĀ  details about celebs who she “met” on twitter. I was not going to give this woman any attention because her message is not worth promoting. But, I came across her video on Miss Jia, and something told me to press play. I should have ignored that voice because what came next was pure coonery. In the opening of the video, which you can watch here, she said that Young Money artists are broke. So broke that they share an apartment with bunk beds.

Do you know why they call them Young Money, because they don’t got no grown money. They are all roommates, so that song they made, I Can Make Your Bed Rock, no more like I Can Make Your Bunk Bed Rock. They all roommates in dirty carpet living apartment, they all share rooms, Mack Maine he claim he the CEO, but he roomies with J Mills and Gutter Gutter. They only furniture they got in that house is a long peach sofa, that’s about it, they ain’t got {expletive]. The only person getting Money out that mess is Lil Wayne. He pimpin’ all y’all.

I’ve been to Lil Wayne’s house, I’ve been [expletive], and he gave me $1200.

Here’s the kicker, after all of that she claims that she still slept with all of Young Money. (Help me Jesus to understand). I wish it was over, but there is so much more. Kat Stacks talks about Nelly and Bow Wow, too. She also says there’s plenty more celebs, but she’s keep their names under wraps for now. Plus, there is a tell-all-book, coming too. (I pray for our youth, sincerely I do).

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