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Jasmina Anema’s Mother Confirms Rihanna Hasn’t Made Contact

I’m still waiting for Rihanna to just say something baby! But in the mean time Jasmina’s mother, Thea is speaking out to People.com, and she tells People she did not send the tweet, but the tweet is true (suspect). Rihanna if that is the case, then that is kind of foul, but I’m will wait to see what her publicist comes up with.

Anyway, this is what Thea Anema has to say about the mysterious ghost tweet that was true:

Thea Anema denied writing the message herself, but said she is disappointed not to have heard from Rihanna, 22, since Jasmina passed away on Jan. 27.

“Friends have helped me with all kinds of stuff and many know the passwords to my personal e-mail, the Caringbridge site and also Twitter,” Anema wrote. “Although I did not Tweet this particular one, I do wish that Rihanna had responded to me on Jasmina’s passing. It would have meant the world to me.”

“Rihanna was so kind to come and visit her. I just felt hurt not hearing anything from her. Or of any other celebrities for that matter. The only ones who reached out to me personally during this time of grief were the Obamas.” {Source}

So the President and First Lady of the United States can take time out to call Jasmina’s mom during two wars, a recession, and right wing conspiracy, but Rihanna couldn’t find the time. I gonna need you to say something baby!

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