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Gabourey Sidibe Mom’s Goes In On Howard Stern

The mother of Gabourey Sidibe has a few words from Howard Stern after he decided to talk about Gabourey’s weight and talent on his not so relevant in my life radio show. I didn’t post the original video because Howard Stern and his “house” side kick Robin didn’t deserve the publicity, but Gabby on the other deserves the last word.

What’s that saying, “It’s Not Over  Until The Fat Lady Sings…Watch the video and join the conversation at Miss Jia.

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  1. i want to see a movie about how the mother ended up singing in the subway after being a professional teacher, and after getting with the african father.

    • @vanessa,

      I would like to see that movie, too, but you’re not slick. I see you talking about them foreign blacks again. lol

  2. I had not heard his asinine comment until now in this video. I think, much to his detriment, he just had a Mayer moment LOL!
    Obesity is determined in the health field by using various complicated formulas that determine this. One of which involves the wrist measurement. It is abundantly clear that Gabby is a large boned woman. She may be able to lose a few pounds but thin she will never be. In Howards culture they call this a zoftig woman.Gabby is beautiful just as she is and a wonderful actress and person. What a jerk this fool is. He just doesn’t know what to do or say next, he should quit and go home to his rocker.

    • @cactusrose,

      It’s not the fact that he’s talking about her size, it’s the fact that he’s talking about it as if that’s all she is or ever will be.

      Like her mom said we can all see she’s big, but she is so much more than that.

  3. Talent will always stand out

    • @Corve DaCosta,

      Short but precise.

  4. i think what kills me most is that he’s just straight up dismissing her as a good actor because of her weight. just as she got this role who is he to say that she wont get another one. this right here is why he does NOT need to be an american idol judge. idk who’s idea was it to start the campaign for him to be one but lets be real if he was a judge and had it his way the only people that would be there are pretty white girls with lots of implants. and good luck to the gay men. never the less i really feel that he’s just one of those people that says ish to get under peoples skin so im VERY happy that her mom didnt go in on him the way that most people thought she would.

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