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First Pics Of Tisha Campbell & Duane Martin With Newborn Son, Ezekiel

Tisha Campbell Martin, and husband Duane Martin have released pictures of the newest edition to their family, Baby Ezekiel Czar. The couple are the proud parents of two boys, their oldest son is Xen.

Tisha Campbell New Baby Pics Duane Xen First Pics Of Tisha Campbell & Duane Martin With Newborn Son, Ezekiel

Xen is now eight years-old, and has been living with autism. In an interview with People Magazine, Tisha Campbell talks about her fears of possibly raising two boys inflicted with autism:

Her first child, Xen, 8, is autistic, and the fear of raising another kid with autism gave the actress an uncharacteristic feeling: “I was nervous and scared.” But she and husband Duane Martin’s fears were allayed when son Ezekiel Czar, whose name means “God’s strength,” arrived last September.

With the baby, now 6 months old, on her lap, the actress beams as she strokes his plump cheeks. “He’s a talker. He’s got such a sparkle in his eyes,” Tisha, 41, says of the baby, whom she calls Zeke. “This baby smiles a lot. The first time around, I didn’t get to see my child smile back at me.”

Tisha Campbell New Baby Pics Duane Xen2 First Pics Of Tisha Campbell & Duane Martin With Newborn Son, Ezekiel

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  1. so cute!!!!

  2. hey mrs.tisha im tyeisha im 14 bt i just wanted to say that your baby is so adorable.and that you and your husband make a wonderful couple.

  3. Keep up the good work. I’m happy for you and will pray for your family.

    • @, I didn’t mean it like something is wrong, Ive been reading Rodney Peete’s book and it’s tough, makes me cry and I have a friend at the baseball park where my son plays, Chad is 6yrs old and on the surver spectrum of autism, but he is soo sweet and he plays and loves. what I ment by pray for your family is God only give special children too really special people, Thank you for being great in your son’s world. Holly Robinson Peete is a great gal also. take care!
      A fan.

  4. Hello Martin Family. I love you. And may God always bless your beautiful family. Every family has challenges but the triumph of your challenges is written all over your faces. I love that. Tisha, my b-day is 4 days before yours, and the silly side that you portray within your characters remind me so much of myself. I would love to meet you and Duane. Keep up the good work.

  5. Tisha I have always admired you. Your beautiful, talented and strong. The Lord have blessed you with a beautiful family my dear. I pray for Xen with the Autism. I’m a mother who has 2 sons of which one has ADD and the other has ADHD. Honey if God brings us to it, then he WILL take us through it. Much blessings on you and yours.

  6. Hi tisha campbell u very beautiful and I wish I could meet u in person

  7. Tisha I teach children with Autism and I know that it can be rough at times, but God gives us things for a reason, he blessed you with Xen and he blessed me to teach kids like Xen. Much love Shugga

  8. Hey Martin family….. I adore your baby boy, he is a beautiful bundle of joy and I admire you for your faithful, effort and hard work. I wish and pray for yall!! Be strong… lots of love… God bless

  9. Tisha, you have a beautiful family. I have a four year old son with autism and would like to have another child, but I am terrified that I would have a second child with autism. God bless you and your family

  10. So like i saw your blog and it like totally told me whats up thanks for your input. One love.

  11. Hey Martin fam I love both of u guys work tv and films I love watching my Martin seasons on dvd lol,funny ass hell.You all have a wonderful family God is good he wont put more on u then u can bare,I have a son with juvenile diabetes hes been in and out the hospital Ive prayed and kept talking to God we seeing better daysGod will give us the strength we need trust,faith,prayer love u all stay strong Tisha u a superwoman I look up to u girlfriend

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