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Beyonce Is A Stepford Wife At Jay-Z Ground Breaking

Is it me or does it seem like Beyonce is always playing a role. Check her out playing the role of wifey at Jay-Z’s ground breaking for the his new stadium, Barclays Center at Atlantic Yards in NYC. The stadium will house the “Brooklyn Nets” formerly known as New York Nets.

Beyonce Jay Z Barclays Ground breaking Beyonce Is A Stepford Wife At Jay Z Ground Breaking

[Someone has taken etiquette classes. Look at those ankles crossed, that’s how a lady crosses her legs. Very different from the Beyonce we saw in the Telephone Video with Lady GaGa.]

Beyonce Jay Z Barclays Ground breaking3 Beyonce Is A Stepford Wife At Jay Z Ground Breaking

Beyonce Jay Z Barclays Ground breaking2 Beyonce Is A Stepford Wife At Jay Z Ground Breaking

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  1. I don’t care what role she plays, she does it big. I love Beyonce’s confidence and drive and her adaptability to any environment.

    ps. she looks so good in these pics.

    • @houstonbch,

      She always looks good. It’s not insult, it’s amazing how many hats she wears.

  2. i love me some Bey … but this makeup she’s wearing makes her look like a clown :S i don’t understand the orange red lipstick and the cat eyes :S but she looks fab otherwise tho

    • @SHopaholic22,
      Maybe she did it herself. IDK? It’s not the first time.

  3. LMMFAO…Girl I like that Stepford Wife spin. Homegirl must have done her own makeup. I can see her covering her mouth laughing at these pics.

    • @Deirdre B Pride,

      I agree with the doing her own makeup. Every time I think the orange lipstick has been thrown out, it re-emerges.

  4. Beyonce was raised to be a lady. She has said it time and time again that her stage persona is like her alter ego. You should pay closer attention to people before you post. Aside from that bad makeup job she looks great and she’s being herself.

    • @NicoleJvon,

      Sasha Fierce is not responsible for those cat eyes and that orange lipstick.

      Not even a Beyonce “stan” can defend that make-up.

      Still like her, though

  5. Yes Beyonce has always sit/stand like a lady. Since she is taking her break,she has been that good supported wife just love her. When her and Jay were at the white house they had their rings on and it makes them look so cute and important. Keep the rings on Mr. & Mrs. Carter. Seems as though Beyonce has gain some extra weight. Love you Bee, but stop with the orange lipstick. I sure hope the extra weight gain is for a good reason.

  6. She looks gorgeous here

  7. Yes, she did her own makeup. We have to remember that Bey is an international star and gets to see and experience how other women rock in their countries. I believe the ladies in Asia wear their make-up like this – bright and kinda exaggerated – like a doll.

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