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Alicia Keys & Swizz Beatz Hit The Red Carpet Together

Alicia Keys & Swizz Beatz walks hand in hand on the red carpet during the Gotham Magazine Annual Gala. A couple that denies they were together for the longest, hits the red carpet together looking like a couple of things. I guess they wanted to wait until the divorce was final, so they wouldn’t look like there were cheating or insensitive. Not only did they walk the red carpet, they showed public display of affection. Looks like they’re in love!

Alicia keys swizz Beatz Gotham Magazine Gala Alicia Keys & Swizz Beatz Hit The Red Carpet Together

There is more, Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz were nothing but giggles and hugs on the red carpet. A love like this you just can’t hide anymore!

 Alicia Keys & Swizz Beatz Hit The Red Carpet Together

 Alicia Keys & Swizz Beatz Hit The Red Carpet Together

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  1. This must be the new thing man leaving their wife and children to be with another women. It’s sad. I’m a married women and shit like this makes you angry. There’s a simliar problem going on with my brother inlaw. He’s been married to his wife for 5yrs got 2 lil children. And he just left her to be with this girl how hes been with 7months while he is married. And it’s like he was waiting to leave his wife so he could put this girl on display.

    • @sweet2,

      I guess it is, it has hit close to home in our family, too.

      The thing that bothers me is that he defends Alicia and trashes Mashonda. As if it’s Mashonda’s fault he cheated. Never has he publicly manned up, so sad.

      I understand people not wanting to blame Alicia eventhough she knew he was married, but I don’t understand, why he blames Mashonda for him cheating.

  2. if you know someone is married then you are guilty, too.

    i’m not looking for a reason to hate alicia. but, i’m know she’s not innocent either.

  3. They Look so Happy I am sooo happy for them!

    • @Happy!,

      They gonna be the next Bey and Jay. Haters!

  4. I agree with everyone except Happy…c’monson. To me it looks as though they are showing off. It doesnt look real at all. If you love someone there is no need to show the world in such a fashion especially when you have so much negativity around the relationship. A Keys and Swiss can save it.

    PS I love the big letters in the text box…Kudos Mrs Grapevine

  5. Nothing happens without reason. If a man decides to leave you it’s his loss. On the flipside these two look very happy.

    • @Nuetral,

      They are happy. They in love. Mashonda alone watching blogs.

  6. People jealous cause they can’t have Swizz. Stop hatin’ on Alicia all the time.

  7. That’s a damn shame both of these mofos walking around laughing and holdin hands while Mashonda’s with her their new baby in Misery. Karma will hit that relationship and all there giggles and smiles will turn to tears and frowns cause God don’t like ugly.

  8. Cheating is like the new trend these days.WTH?!! A friend of mine has a phrase:

    ‘All men cheat it’s just a matter of when.’

    Although I do not agree with the above statement not ‘all’ men cheat just most men.

    Forget a married man..an attached man should be and IS off-limits!!!

    Goodluck to Alicia and Swizz and I really hope that Mashonda can hold her head up and move on from all this mess. It isn’t healthy for her and it isn’t healthy for her son.

  9. How insensative and pathetic is this…i use to respect alicia but now?…. not!!! the Only reason why men can cheat is because of trashy who will willingly spread their trifiling legs to them, know they are aytached…but like the saying says….(this one is for you alicia)
    “if he cheats with you, he surely weill cheat on you!!) god don’t like ugly and this right here is just that…..ugly.

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