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What Is Mariah Carey On? Poor Nick Cannon

I forgot to post these pictures yesterday of Mariah Carey and Nick Canon doing lunch in Bel-Air. I live in Texas, and I have seen this outfit at the local Wal-Mart one time too many, and the sad thing is, Mariah’s outfit probably cost a lot more. I know Nick Cannon’s vote was vetoed on this outfit. I know he told her not to go outside wearing barbie heels with a capri sweatsuit. Just like I know someone in Usher’s camp told him not to perform in leather capris.

Mariah Nick Canon Sweatsuit Heels1 What Is Mariah Carey On? Poor Nick Cannon

Mariah Nick Canon Sweatsuit Heels3 200x300 What Is Mariah Carey On? Poor Nick Cannon Mariah Nick Canon Sweatsuit Heels2 200x300 What Is Mariah Carey On? Poor Nick Cannon

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  1. If she was in a pair of Pumas, I wouldn’t think anything of it. Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever seen her in sneakers… LOL

    • @Marleaux,

      I don’t think I have either, but at least they’re not white pumps.

  2. she really has alot of chunk in that trunk!!wow!get it Nick!lol!

    • @Brandi,

      Yeah, I guess Nick has been filling her out. lol

  3. She does’nt wear sneakers i think they look cute nice to see them out and about lookin comfortable

    • @Nisha,

      I just can’t get past the shoes, but what else would I expect. huh?

      I am happy to see that they’re still together.

  4. she’s looking more and more like his mom every day

    • @emily,

      My thoughts, too

  5. He looks like a son who is always holding up his mom to keep her from embarrasing herself. He’s always holding her hand, or she’s holding on to him. I hope she isn’t drinking too much. Older stars should know that they have to move over for the next generation, and have a full life with children and family when their time is up. Diana Ross is a good example of a star who knows the true meaning of success.

  6. Puhleeze leave MC alone! She’s looks good without makeup unlike you know who.
    She’s never been this happy and that’s all that matters.

    BTW she’s said it times without number, she doesn’t do flat soles. Even when she’s barefooted, she tip toes. Anyway only LAMBS like me would know that.

    Te Quiero Mariah! Eres de las mejores! muah! LOL

    • @Udegbunam Chukwudi, wgere are you from…hablas espanol ese es tu foto

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