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Teyana Taylor Slams Media Take Out For Lying Via Twitter

The one good thing about twitter is that celebs can set the record straight when lies are being reported regarding their lives. Teyana Taylor decided to let us know via twitter that Media Take Out (whom I will not link) tells lies. They also steal, but that’s another story for another time.

Media Take Out posted some pictures of a Teyana Taylor “look-alike” to suggest that she’s video “vixen” and not a virgin as Teyana Taylor has revealed.

Teyana Tweets Media Takeout Lies Teyana Taylor Slams Media Take Out For Lying Via Twitter

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  1. Okay, it kind of does look like her. Which I didnt think it tainted her image, she’s always showing off that killa body – - big deal. BUt I could feel her if it wasnt me. So I went back and looked at the pics and you can tell it’s not her after second glance. But just because you are in a video does that mean you are having sexual activities – - where is the logic. Keep doing your thing TT, and that body of yours is to kill for. I’m in the gym now trying to get it right.

    • @He did,

      I agree with everything you said.

      Not sure why Teyana was so upset, other than the fact that MTO is always trying to twist things, and make her look bad.

      Yes, I need to hit the gym with you. I remember when I use to have that body…

  2. Yup das f up

  3. Call me

  4. Thank you for the useful post! I would not have discovered this myself!

  5. Teyana Taylor needs to speak of her real dad whom I know very well and she should not care about what the media has to say she knows the truth. I’m just sayin.

  6. I don’t believe any story that comes from media take out, excuse me I meant media fake out. Like, how many times did we all read from them that Beyonce and Jay-Z were having a baby, millions of times and have they?, no, or that Lauren London and Trey Songz were dating and expecting, a few and both stories were wrong, or that Trey was gay, a lot, which he isn’t he is straight, or that he is dating simply jess now which he’s not she’s bi, or Lauren and Cassie were dating or Lauren and Nicki Minaj were dating….. that site and lipstick alley needs to be shut down permanent cause I just caught lipstick alley in a lie, they know what I am talking about from June 30, 2011 an article that from the first page it is clear as glass that they made it up…..

  7. It’s assesses reallll dummmm asssssses

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