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Remy Ma Clears Up Gay Rumors Involving Nicki Minaj

Remy Ma is asked during an interview if she and Nicki Minaj had an affair of any kind, and her answer was a simple, “No, I’m not gay”.  There is a video floating around on youtube, where an uncofirmed Nicki Minaj tries to out Remy Ma as gay. The video is old, and you can tell because Nicki Minaj looked more like “Nick” Minaj minus all the props (silicone) she now uses to market herself. I appreciate Nicki Minaj’s marketing skills, but it stops right about there.

Anyway, this interview just proves that anything having to do with Nicki Minaj is just a mirage. Your eyes and ears are just playing tricks on you. Remy Ma also discusses her estranged relationship with Fat Joe, and reveals that the Nicki in the video was just a neighbor.

“Continue Reading” to see the video of Nicki Minaj claiming that she had an affair with Remy Ma: Yes, the girl with the deep voice in the hoodie is Nicki Minaj.

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  1. LMAO,….. She just did her neighbor then. Remi, girl bye.

    • @Deirdre B Pride,

      You think Remy is the one not telling truth?

      I re-watched Nicki’s video, and she parsed her words just ever so carefully.

  2. eehhh im not buying it damn it LOL. people will say anything to keep their name cleared up. why she wait till now to let it be known that that ish isnt true. if you ate the box admit and let it be known that you liked it. thats all im saying lol

    • lol true

  3. No I don’t believe her. Back then Nicki had nothing to gain and nothing to lose. She acted like her feelings were hurt. That was her on that phone….panicking.

  4. Omg u cannot tell me dats not Nicki Minaj. Nicki even says her name (2;42). And the way she talks is the same as Nicki. You do the math!

  5. thought this site was classier than this mess. i mean c’mon son every site out there is playing the he say she say game. this is what I was feeling about this site. no drama. positive stuff. then i see this gross ish. FAIL!

  6. omg theyy tryna clown my bitch nicki minaj shit its bitches everyday claiming to be dayum let the barbie do ha thang shit because aint nobody fuckin with her .

  7. why would Nicki say that she had an affair with another women, this probaly part of her marketing herself to reach a larger audience

  8. Remy says “i dont know who that is” she says that shes been waiting for someone to come out and say they know them… is all you deaf?

    • Eat a penis

  9. Anyone can tell that is not nicki minaj, and there is pictures of her before she became famous and she looks nothing like that she looks like she does know with just less make-up on..whoever belived/belives that is nicki minaj is so stupid and is blind as hell

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