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Natalie Nunn Accused Of Having Butt Shots Or Implants? Sneak Peek Of Bad Girls Reunion 4

This is so funny to me, why does every big butt have to be fake. People have been having genuine big behinds for years now, and every time a new one comes on the scene that doesn’t belong to Beyonce or J-Lo, then it’s presumed to be fake. The newest member of the Faux Booty Club is non other than Natalie Nunn of Bad Girls Club. I know what you’re thinking, first who cares, and secondly, for real who cares. It’s a slow news days, so why not? (Thanks Sunshine for the link).

BTW, What are butt shots, anyway? Is there really such a thing?

Natalie Bad Girls Club butt shots Natalie Nunn Accused Of Having Butt Shots Or Implants? Sneak Peek Of Bad Girls Reunion 4

You know this site is rated “PG-19″, so you will have to click here to see the before the butt shots pics of Natalie Nunn. (NSFW)

Also, check out the Sneak Peek of the Bad Girls Club Reunion 4.

[Thanks ATL Night Spots]

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  1. I’m so tired of this dumb attention whore! lol

  2. Lol…. oh are they talking about those growth hormone or hydrogel shots?

    • @Mrs Windy City,

      That’s what I want to know. I know people with breast implants, but I don’t know anyone with an altered back-side. I thought it was just an Urban legend.

  3. @MrsGrapevine

    I know of the bags (like breast implants) they put in.

    BUT I have heard of the shots and some women dying from it because its back alley.

    I dont think anyone will ever admit they have booty implants and they are sliding down the back of their thighs….lol

  4. y r these pple on tv….crack heads

  5. She looks a hot mess!

  6. Seriously, i never really watched the show but everytime i’m turning through the channel this chic is showing her azz and all i could think is who is this fugly azz female…..seriously, she fugly!!!

  7. I was thinking the same thing, but some of these bootays are psycho huge. Seem like they would hurt to sit on all that mess all the time.

  8. Natalie is NOT A HO !!!!!

    She is a straight-up prostitute. Sex for money is sex for money.

    It is amazing that ANYONE can get past that hatchet face and nails-on-a-chalkboard voice long enough to seal the deal…….
    She doesn’t run L.A. – Crenshaw would be more her speed.

  9. Natalie Nunn. Is fine as hell ,All you so call ladie’s lol are all hoe’s .Pot calling the kettle black .Over 50 men not marryed to them what’s that, even one,and he is gone to some one ele’s.look’s like a duck, sound’s like a duck. Stop hating, most of you chick’s will never look that good .God keep blessing you Natalie !!!!!

  10. alot of ppl are getting b12 injections.. nicki minaj has a fake ass…. no one can tell me different.. i have seen her rap with dudes and girls.. she was small no booty at all and no breast.. some of the butts are padded..but natalies is real

  11. her ass is fake, there are so many before and after pictures. guess if god aint give it to u buy it lol

  12. shes fat and ugly as hell…her daddy must be mr ed

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