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Melanie Brown: Nearly 3 Years Later Eddie Murphy Still Hasn’t Seen His Daughter Angel Iris

Melanie Brown did an interview with OK! Magazine, where she talks about her family, and more importantly Eddie Murphy and his relationship with his daughter. Black Celebrity Kids has the scoop and the pictures.

On whether or not Eddie Murphy plays a role in Angel’s life:

“No. I have full custody of Angel, and that’s about it. He doesn’t want to see her. That’s just the way it is. But Angel-she calls Stephen daddy. her sister’s her sister, not her half sister. She’s very content. She doesn’t know any different.”

On whether or not Eddie pays child support:

“All that’s legal stuff that i don’t even really care to talk about. Those are personal and legal matters. Everything is what it is. And Angel’s a very happy kid.”

Let me just say, it’s sad that Eddie Murphy refuses to see his child because he felt he was tricked into having a baby. His daughter, Angel Iris, has nothing to do with how she was conceived. Taking it out on the child, shows his level of maturity.

I also have a hard time understanding this baby’s hairstyle…

[Husband Stephen, Daughter Angel Iris, Melanie Brown, Daughter Phoenix Chi]

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