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Melanie Brown: Nearly 3 Years Later Eddie Murphy Still Hasn’t Seen His Daughter Angel Iris

Melanie Brown did an interview with OK! Magazine, where she talks about her family, and more importantly Eddie Murphy and his relationship with his daughter. Black Celebrity Kids has the scoop and the pictures.

On whether or not Eddie Murphy plays a role in Angel’s life:

“No. I have full custody of Angel, and that’s about it. He doesn’t want to see her. That’s just the way it is. But Angel-she calls Stephen daddy. her sister’s her sister, not her half sister. She’s very content. She doesn’t know any different.”

On whether or not Eddie pays child support:

“All that’s legal stuff that i don’t even really care to talk about. Those are personal and legal matters. Everything is what it is. And Angel’s a very happy kid.”

Let me just say, it’s sad that Eddie Murphy refuses to see his child because he felt he was tricked into having a baby. His daughter, Angel Iris, has nothing to do with how she was conceived. Taking it out on the child, shows his level of maturity.

I also have a hard time understanding this baby’s hairstyle…

Angel Iris Ok Magazine Mohawk Melanie Brown: Nearly 3 Years Later Eddie Murphy Still Hasnt Seen His Daughter Angel Iris

Melanie B family Angel Iris Melanie Brown: Nearly 3 Years Later Eddie Murphy Still Hasnt Seen His Daughter Angel Iris

[Husband Stephen, Daughter Angel Iris, Melanie Brown, Daughter Phoenix Chi]

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  1. When 2 criminals plot to steal money from you through a child, I can’t blame Eddie at all. This guy stayed hid in the background until they finally gave up on Eddie being shamed into marrying her. When he knew the con wasn’t going to work, he surfaced and married her. If Eddie can’t get full custody of the child, with no visitation for her, he is doing what is best for him and his other children. Melanie was so desperate for Eddie money that she even tried to voodoo/poison him. I’m so glad Eddie is keeping himself safe and won’t end up like Michael Jackson. Voodoo people are very dangerous.

    • @Millie, WTF. U make absolutley no sense. what ever happened between Eddie and Melanie is their issue. What did his daughter ever do to deserve his neglect. Eddie is a grown man, no one forced him to mess with Mel B he wanted it cause it was good to him!

  2. Melanie has surfaced again with these bizarre pics of the child because she is focusing on trying to get more money from Eddie. She goes through money like water. We don’t need to lose another celebrity this year. Stay away from danger Eddie. Stay far away for the sake of your other children.

  3. Ghost stories anyone??? I still can’t believe she did that to her hair. WHy not the older one. Why put clippers on a lil girls head. She looks just like her sister Brittany I think.

  4. She is a wild woman and that child does not look very well cared for to me… Even in the family picture everyone looks decent but Angel looks like the only person who does not match with the picture… I have a hard time understanding why is that baby hair like that myself especially when the mother or the other daughter never look that unkept.. Mel is always flexing her azz and body wearing tight and nice looking clothes but Angel on the other hand looks like a adopted child or foster child who only stay there because Mel is getting money for her… I rarely see childing who do not reflect the parents meaning if the mother looks nice so does the child usually…

  5. why do some celebrities give there kids stupid hairstyles that little girl looks like a little boy.thats hair abuse

  6. she set out to trap him.she thought he would marry her but it backfired in her face.shes using her kids to get publicity


  8. I really liked your blog article.Thanks Again. Really Cool.

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