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Kim Kardashian In LAX Airport Looking Flawless; Janet Jackson At London Fashion Week

We hardly ever catch Kimmy Cakes off her game without full make-up like we did Alicia Keys. I for one support a natural look, I want to know what people really look like and not what they’re selling. Kim Kardashian is always selling, and perhaps that’s the reason why she always looks so good. Does Kim Kardashian have a bad angle?

kim lax airport full makeup Kim Kardashian In LAX Airport Looking Flawless; Janet Jackson At London Fashion Week

Janet Jackson attended the Todd Lynn Fashion Show during London Fashion Week. I’m not sure about her outfit, in fact I don’t what she’s wearing or why, but even still Janet’s face is beautiful.

Speaking of Janet, she will be appearing in Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married 2. Hmmmm, I guess they didn’t figure it out in part 1.

Janet Jackson todd Lynn fashion week london Kim Kardashian In LAX Airport Looking Flawless; Janet Jackson At London Fashion Week

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  1. The Jackson’s are so low self esteemed and meek that they let any 3rd world ghetto person they meet into their lives. She’ll end up like Michael, Latoya, and Jermaine. She didn’t learn anything from Michael’s death, and Jermaine’s misery.

    • @emily,

      “3rd world ghetto person”…Please do explain?

  2. The Jacksons like too many Black Americans will shun poor Black Americans who are not up to their social level, but believe that every foreign 3rd world super poor person is better than them/us and allow them into their lives to wreak havoc. For example, Jermaine and Randy’s misuse at the hands of those poor hispanic women – getting with 2 brothers at the same time and having children for both of them. The worse Black American girl in the projects wouldn’t have stooped that low to get money.

    Michael was being conned by the caribbean doctor, africans and arabs, and now stupid janice is allowing herself to be used the same with this boy she is with when she could have been married to the decent honorable Jermaine Dupri.

    Foreign blacks and browns won’t even speak to Black Americans that don’t have money to be conned out of. That should tell these rich black fools something.

  3. Those pants are the new harem pants I think. I don’t like them either, but I love me some Jackson’s and Janet…..

    @Emily, um please I just saw a video where a girl’s cousin had an affair with her man and produced a child. Not only are the kids cousins, they are also siblings. The ish had nothing to do with money. The Jackson’s and Micheal specifically have always dedicated time, money and effort to help the less fortunate. They have never shunned the poor. What the hell did she do to make you say, “She’ll end up like Michael, Latoya,…..”? It’s a statement that has no merit. That girl does not bother any damn body. H** have a seat. Yes I am a Jackson stan….

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